NJSA scholarship deadline

Don't forget to apply for the scholarships that are available through the NJSA this year. The deadline is tomorrow March 1! You may email your applications to sarah@nationalswine.com or mail them, but be sure they are postmarked by March 1. Late applications will not be accepted. There is one exception to the scholarship deadlines and that is the Maschhoff scholarship which is not due until May 13, 2012. For more information go to http://www.nationalswine.com/NJSA_pages/About_NJSA-pages/Scholarships.html, download the application and complete it. If you have questions please call Sarah Schwab at 765-427-3594. There are several scholarships available so don't miss out!

2011 NJSA Judges

The judges for the 2011 NJSA show season have been selected. With a couple of exceptions, we are still waiting for a couple confirmations, but we will post an update as soon as we have new information. Thank you for your patience in waiting for these selections. Please remember that substitutions or changes may occur.

Western Regional (March 11-13)
· Gilts, Barrows, & Showmanship: Dan Shike

World Pork Expo Junior National (June 7-10)
· NJSA Barrows: TBD
· Crossbred Gilts: TBD
· Sr. & Int. Showmanship: Wravenna Bloomberg
· NJSA Purebred Gilts: Ben Moyer

NJSS (June 28-July 2)
· York/Land Gilts: Dan Burzlaf
· Duroc/Hamp. Gilts: Al Schminke
· Nov & Int. Showmanship: TBD
· Jr. & Sr. Showmanship: Craig Spray

Southwest Regional (Sept. 2-4)
· Gilts, Barrows, & Showmanship: Larry Moore

NBS Jr. Barrow Show Classic (Sept 10-11)
· Barrows & Showmanship: TBD

Eastern Regional (Oct. 7-8)
· Gilts & Showmanship: Tom Farrer

Al Christian - Celebrating a Legacy

Recently an Advisory Committee was formed to raise funds honoring the accomplishments of Allen E. Christian and his 50 years of dedication to Iowa State University. Al’s profound impact on the Iowa and global pork industry is unquestionably noble. Furthermore and perhaps more importantly, his leadership and development of thousands of students is unprecedented. Many of today’s agricultural leaders are former students that Al Christian directly impacted.

“Those kids are the reason I’m at Iowa State University. I enjoy watching them develop, seeing their desire to learn, and in some small way, molding them a little bit, encouraging them, and reinforcing them.”
- Allen E Christian

To continue Al’s legacy, the committee will properly celebrate the contributions of Al Christian by raising funds for:

· Scholarships for students in the College of Agriculture that have an interest in pork production.
· Investment in swine related curriculum
· Programs for students interested in pork production

The goal of the committee is to raise a minimum of $250,000 by December 2011. All funds collected will be directed by a program selection committee that includes Al Christian and two pork industry representatives.

For more information about Al’s legacy, visit

To contribute to this effort complete the following information or visit www.foundation.iastate.edu/christian.

Name: __________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ________________ Zip Code:_______

Email: _________________________________ Phone: ( )

Contribution or Pledge amount:
$250________$500_______ $750______$1,000 ______other ________
Make checks out to: Allen E. Christian Legacy Education Fund
20 ALC:03

Mail to:

Iowa State University Foundation
PO Box 868
Ames, IA 50010-0868
Attn: Allen E. Christian Legacy Fund

Gifts to the ISU Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Iowa State University Foundation respects the privacy of donors’ personal and financial information, and will not release information to the public about prospective or actual donors other than donors’ names, gift amounts and gift designations. Requests from donors that their names not be released will be honored. If you have questions, please call 866-419-6768 or e-mail

Allen E. Christian Legacy Committee:
Dr. Tom Baas
Adam Conover
Ken Estes
Dr. Brian Knudson
Jim Krug
Pat McGonegle
Cody McKinley
Jay Merryman
Al Tank
Jan Schuiteman
Al Snedegar
Dave Wendel

NJSA Boot Camp Cancelled

I regret to inform everyone that the 2011 NJSA Boot Camp in Blacksburg, Virginia has been cancelled due to lack of entries. If you have sent in entries, your money will be credited back to your NSR account. Please email me, Sarah Schwab, with any questions at sarah@nationalswine.com.

New NJSA Ambassador Program

The NJSA is unveiling a new program in 2011. It is called the NJSA Ambassador Program. The program is designed to allow two younger NJSA members, one male and one female, to be ambassadors for the NJSA. For more information click http://bit.ly/e9It20 or go to the NJSA home page and click on the logo. Applications are due April 1, 2011, don't miss out on an awesome opportunity!

Survey Says!

Are you interested in easily supporting the NJSA? If so, help us out by taking our survey. It is simple, quick, and will benefit the youth of the NJSA tremendously! We are conducting a survey where your valuable data, will be utilized to gain additional sponsorships. Please take our survey by clicking this link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VNJHC5M. Thank you so much for your support.

NJSA Western Regional entry deadline

Don't forget the NJSA 2011 Western Regional entry deadline is this Friday February 11th. You can fill out your entry online at http://bit.ly/egi3wG or download the form and send ti in the mail. If you choose to mail your entry it must be postmarked February 11th. Late entry fees are $50.
If you are interested in competing in only the skillathon or showmanship contest please pre-register by emailing or calling Sarah Schwab 765-463-3594 or sarah@nationalswine.com. When pre-registering for the contests please send your name, email, address, and phone number. You can register for the skillathon at the show, however we encourage pre-registering to allow us to be more efficient at check in. Please remember NJSA rules that if you do not show a gilt there is a $5 per contest fee. Also if you are not showing in the gilt or barrow show and you wish to compete in showmanship you must show a hog that is entered in the show.
We look forward to seeing everyone in California!

NJSA All Around Sweepstakes

The NJSA All Around Sweepstakes points have been uploaded to the website. Check out your placings at http://www.nationalswine.com/NJSA_pages/All_Around_Sweepstakes.html ! If you have any questions regarding the sweepstakes points please email Sarah Schwab at sarah@nationalswine.com. Great job everyone, keep up the great work!

Last day to apply for NSR internships!

REMINDER -- today is the last day to submit applications for the four internships at the National Swine Registry, listed below. Visit the Home page of http://www.nationalswine.com/ for full descriptions and contact information for each internship.

NSR Field Staff Internship
The NSR Field Staff Internship provides on-the-road experience traveling the Midwest with full-time NSR Field Representatives, and opportunities to both learn from and contribute to field activities. Responsibilities include visiting purebred swine farms and A.I. boar studs; assisting at NSR-sponsored events including the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa; and the Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Ky.; assisting at state fairs; and other field staff duties as assigned.

National Junior Swine Association Internship
The NJSA Internship will provide experience in planning and executing shows and leadership events for the nation’s largest youth livestock organization. You will have the opportunity to assist NJSA staff with planning the World Pork Expo Junior Classic and the year’s pinnacle event – the National Junior Summer Spectacular, as well as help lead the NJSA board of directors, write Youth Spotlight highlights, take photos and video, facilitate web updates, and write articles for "The Pinnacle" newsletter. This internship provides experience in event planning, communications, youth leadership, and livestock show production.

NSR Marketing & Communications Internship
This is a tailor-made internship – you help make it what you want it to be! As the NSR Marketing & Communications Intern, you will have the opportunity to work with NSR staff to personally design your internship curriculum and focus on the areas of marketing and communications in which you are most interested, or want to gain experience. Options for a summer work plan include feature writing for Seedstock EDGE, advertisement design and page layout, magazine production, online content development, photography, marketing, and more! You will have the chance to collaborate on projects with the National Junior Swine Association, report on national shows, contribute to Buyers Choice Auction online sales, and brainstorm and develop new ideas for growing the NSR.

NSR Pedigree Department Internship
The first-ever NSR Pedigree Department Internship offers the opportunity to participate in and learn to register litters, process show entries, search and deliver pedigrees, provide customer service, and complete various data handling processes associated with a purebred livestock records system. This internship will also provide exposure to DNA testing and coding and STAGES™ data entry, as well as attendance and assistance with data entry and recordkeeping at NSR shows.