NSR builds ties with Ukraine trade mission

Electronic individual sow feeders in a deep-bedded group 
penning system at Dnipro Hybrids farm.
Ukraine was the destination of a recent trade mission conducted by NSR’s Dr. Clint Schwab, interim CEO, and Dr. Justin Fix, genetic programs specialist, on Oct. 2-9. NSR participated in the Ukraine Animal Farming tradeshow, hosting a booth along with partner Dnipro Hybrids, a Ukrainian swine company that has been utilizing purebred American swine genetics for several years.

Fix and Schwab met with representatives from the U.S. embassy in Ukraine to discuss establishment of a live animal protocol, allowing U.S. exports of live swine into the country. They also had valuable discussions with Ukrainian swine businessmen to learn more how to design and create genetic evaluation and service packages for international swine clients.

After the trade show, Fix and Schwab traveled to the VK&K farm, a swine farm that had ordered 500 doses of frozen American purebred semen, where they toured their swine facilities and had discussions about future business partnerships.

Genetic customers of Dnipro Hybrid discussing the functions 
of the electronic sow feeders and group penning system 
with NSR’s Dr. Clint Schwab and Vladimir Getman.
The team also visited Dnipro Hybrids farm to discuss the data extract and transfer process to facilitate the exchange of American sired pigs from Ukrainian swine farms, which will serve as the basis for implementing Ukrainian farms into an international genetic evaluation. They also toured the farm and learned about the genetics, production system and data management software.

Ukraine continues to be a developing market for U.S. swine genetics, and there is tremendous opportunity to create long-term relationships with integrated swine production systems there.
Meat shop operated by the same ownership as 
Dnipro Hybrids farm, and selling product 
from Dnipro Hybrids.

NPPC claims victory with passage of FTAs

From the National Pork Producers Council, www.nppc.org

Calling it one of the “greatest victories ever for the U.S. pork industry, ” the National Pork Producers Council lauded last Friday’s congressional approval of the free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.

“These trade agreements will be a boon for U.S. pork producers and for the U.S. economy and jobs,” said Doug Wolf, NPPC president and a pork producer from Lancaster, Wis. “Passage of these FTAs is one of the greatest victories ever for the U.S. pork industry.”

The Senate and House passed each of the FTAs by comfortable margins.

The deals with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, when fully implemented, will generate nearly $772 million in new pork sales, add more than $11 to the price producers receive for each hog marketed and create more than 10,000 pork industry jobs, according to Iowa State University economist Dermot Hayes.

“It was extremely important that we approved these FTAs now,” Wolf said, “because while these deals have languished for more than four years, our competitors have negotiated their own trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, and the United States has lost market share in those countries.”

The U.S. pork industry was instrumental in getting the trade agreements approved, particularly the deal with South Korea. Last December when the United States and the Asian nation were at an impasse over trade in autos, the U.S. pork industry agreed to move back the effective date for when much of its exports enter Korea at a zero tariff rate. NPPC led the agricultural community in support of the FTAs.

“America’s pork producers are grateful to the Obama administration's trade team, including U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and to Congress for getting the trade agreements done,” Wolf said. “Now we call on the United States and these three FTA partners to get the agreements implemented ASAP. The longer it takes to implement, the more U.S. market share in these nations will be imperiled.”

Exports are vital to the U.S. pork industry, which last year shipped nearly $4.8 billion of pork, an amount that added about $56 to the price producers received for each hog marketed.

View President Obama's speech after signing the free trade agreements:

VIDEO: Everett Forkner speaks at the American Royal

Everett Forkner of Missouri judges the National Junior Swine Association sanctioned showmanship contest at the 2011 American Royal.

NSR completes trade mission to South Korea

Pictured (l to r): Max Waldo, Christina Kim of Dongatech Co., Ltd.,
Dr. Justin Fix, Ross Wollenberg and Dr. Chad Stahl at the
KISTOCK tradeshow booth.

The National Swine Registry participated in a trade mission to South Korea from September 18-25, where they hosted a booth at the Korea International Livestock Expo trade show in Daegu, as well as conducted a joint seminar with the Korea Animal Improvement Association (KAIA). Dr. Justin Fix, NSR genetic programs specialist, along with Dr. Chad Stahl of Food Animal Consultation and Testing Services in Sheldon, Iowa, and Max Waldo and Ross Wollenburg of Waldo Farms in DeWitt, Neb., attended.

More than 100 South Korean swine industry members attended the joint KAIA seminar, held in conjunction with the trade show. NSR hosted several educational presentations, including a talk on improving meat quality, presented by Stahl, and an overview of the economic effects of not implementing a complete genetic program, given by Fix. Additionally, Fix and the swine general manager of the KAIA discussed the desire for research on a joint-genetic evaluation program.

Pictured (l to r): Mr. Baik of the Korea Animal Improvement 
Association, Mr. Lee (KAPE), Dr. Chad Stahl and Dr. Justin Fix 
discuss the Korean pork and beef grading system. 
Fix and Stahl visited a commercial swine harvest facility to learn more about how carcasses are priced and what traits are desirable and rewarded. They had the opportunity to visit with South Korean swine professionals about the purchasing, harvest, and sales process of pork carcasses as well as the country’s meat inspection and grading service processes. The trade team also visited a Korean farm that has plans to construct a GGP/GP facility stocked with American genetics, hopefully in early 2012, and is interested in a long-term service agreement with NSR.

NSR will continue communications with Korean breeders who are working to restock after the country’s devastating loss of swine populations due to foot and mouth disease, and will continue to build market share of American purebred swine genetics in this country through America’s Best Genetics. 

NJSA Regional Leadership Conference Entry Deadline

Don't miss out on the 2011 NJSA Regional Leadership Conference. The entry deadline is fast approaching so make sure you have your spot reserved by November 4th, 2011.

For more information, an entry form, and to check out the fun packed schedule click
NJSA Regional Leadership Conference

See you there!

Dian hired as software developer at NSR

NSR announces the hire of Adam Dian of West Lafayette, Ind., to fill the newly-created position of software developer. In this position, Dian will collaborate with the various departments within NSR to develop web and server-based applications to meet the diverse needs of the organization. 

Dian is originally from Roanoke, Ind., and graduated from Purdue University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics technology, specializing in web development and computer animation. While at Purdue, Dian was a member of the Chi Phi fraternity. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and shooting billiards. He and his wife, Brittany, reside in West Lafayette.

NJSA takes purebred swine to National FFA Convention

Pictured (l to r): NJSA Ambassador T.J. Doherty, Wis.;
NJSA Vice President Kaylee Miller, Ind.;
NSR Director of Youth Activities, Cally Hass;
and NJSA Ambassador Kyle Mendes, Calif.
The NJSA and four, purebred swine cutouts took their place among the blue and gold at the 2011 National FFA Convention, held in Indianapolis Oct. 19-22, with a booth at the National FFA Agricultural Career Show. NSR Director of Junior Activities Cally Hass was joined by NSJA Ambassadors Kyle Mendes, Calif., and T.J. Doherty, Wis., and NJSA Vice President Kaylee Miller, Ind., to promote NJSA, distribute information, and talk with prospective members interested in showing purebred swine. Visitors to the booth, sponsored by the National Pork Board, had the opportunity to have their photo taken with the four cutout showpigs. Photos of the event and all participating "showmen" are available on the NJSA Facebook page.

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Photos Available!

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2011 NJSA Eastern Regional contest results

NJSA Eastern Regional Contests
Oct. 7-8
Harrisburg, Pa.


Senior Showmanship
1. Daniel Ammann, IL
2. Garrett See, NC
3. Alicia Keller, NY
4. Heather Storer, OH
5. Mary Beth Hutchins, DE
6. Derek Gowanlock, NY
7. Katherine McCormick, MD
8. Justine Bennecoff, PA
9. Randy Wilson, PA
10. Garrett Hamby, MD

Intermediate Showmanship
1. Kane Austin, IL
2. Garrett Lowes, IN
3. Taylor Conley, PA
4. Devon Ammann, IL
5. Mitchell Concannon, IN
6. Paige Stahl, PA
7. Cole Reveal, OH
8. Abigail Peace, PA
9. Brandon Gruber, MD
10. Cody Clyburn, OH

Junior Showmanship
1. Adrian Austin, IL
2. Skylar Knapp, IN
3. Maddie Fugate, IL
4. Brandon Stickler, IL
5. Madison Cook, DE
6. Margaret Holloway, MD
7. Melissa Keller, NY
8. Kristen Rappold, OH
9. Chase Ferguson, MD
10. Nathan Burkett Jr., PA

Novice Showmanship
1. Allison Stoner, MD
2. Mickinzi Ferguson, MD
3. Kiersten Kiel, PA
4. Kendra Marty, OH
5. Reily Jacobs-Bell, OH
6. Lainey Mercure, OH
7. Zachary Heckman, PA
8. Halle Reveal, OH
9. Samantha Hunsinger, PA
10. Brady Jacobs-Bell, OH

Senior Skillathon
1. Morgan Livingston, PA
2. Heather Storer, OH
3. Kayla Burkett, PA
4. Katherine McCormick, MD
5. Randy Wilson, PA
6. Alicia Keller, NY
7. Garrett See, NC
8. Garrett Hamby, MD
9. Daniel Ammann, IL
10. Derek Gowanlock, NY

Intermediate Skillathon
1. Garrett Livingston, PA
2. Katrina Heckman, PA
3. Taylor Conley, PA
4. Brendan Knoll, NY
5. Devon Ammann, IL
6. Kane Austin, IL
7. Nick Gardner, PA
8. Mindy Cook, DE
9. Colby Rash, DE
10. Austin Stoner, MD

Junior Skillathon
1. Maddie Fugate, IL
2. Adrian Austin, IL
3. JC Norris, PA
4. Brandon Stickler, IL
5. Madison Cook, DE
6. Skylar Knapp, IN
7. Rayann Eaves, MD
8. Chase Ferguson, MD
9. Jeffery McConn, PA
10. Emma Heckman, PA

Novice Skillathon
1. Zachary Heckman, PA
2. Kendra Marty, OH
3. Mickinzi Ferguson, MD
4. Rachel Eaves, MD
5. Allison Stoner, MD
6. Collin James, RI
7. Kiersten Kiel, PA
8. Chasten McConn, PA
9. Halle Reveal, OH
10. Lainey Mercure, OH

Senior Sweepstakes
1. Heather Storer, OH
2. Garrett See, NC
3. Katherine McCormick, MD
4. Daniel Ammann, IL
5. Alicia Keller, NY
6. Morgan Livingston, PA
7. Randy Wilson, PA
8. Derek Gowanlock, NY
9. Abbey Kirk, PA
10. Kayla Burkett, PA

Intermediate Sweepstakes
1. Taylor Conley, PA
2. Devon Ammann, IL
3. Kane Austin, IL
4. Garrett Lowes, IN
5. Paige Stahl, PA
6. Brendan Knoll, NY
7. Cole Reveal, OH
8. Garrett Livingston, PA
9. Katrina Heckman, PA
10. Brandon Gruber, MD

Junior Sweepstakes
1. Adrian Austin, IL
2. Maddie Fugate, IL
3. Skylar Knapp, IN
4. Brandon Stickler, IL
5. Madison Cook, DE
6. Chase Ferguson, MD
7. Margaret Holloway, MD
8. JC Norris, PA
9. Levi Logue, IN
10. Kristen Rappold, OH

Novice Sweepstakes
1. Mickinzi Ferguson, MD
2. Allison Stoner, MD
3. Kendra Marty, OH
4. Zachary Heckman, PA
5. Rachel Eaves, MD
6. Kiersten Kiel, PA
7. Chasten McConn, PA
8. Halle Reveal, OH
9. Zachery Edgell, PA
10. Gage Ritchey, PA

2011 NJSA Eastern Regional results

NJSA Eastern Regional Show
Oct. 7-8
Harrisburg, Pa.
Judge: Tom Farrer, Ind.

Champion Overall & Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Garrett See, NC

Reserve Champion Overall & Champion Duroc Gilt
Devin Ammann, IL

Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt
Adrian Austin, IL

Champion Bred & Owned Duroc Gilt
Alicia Keller, NY

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Duroc Gilt
TJ Parks, OH

Champion Hampshire Gilt
Skylar Knapp, IN

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt
Margaret Holloway, MD

Champion Bred & Owned Hampshire Gilt
Cody Clyburn, OH

Champion and Champion Bred & Owned Landrace Gilt
Mark Banister, OH

Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt
Heather Storer, OH

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Landrace Gilt
Madison Cook, DE
OGL9 IZZO 11-4 x JMG8 PSSS ZEUS 40-8

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Paige Stahl, PA

Champion Bred & Owned Yorkshire Gilt
Garrett Lowes, IN

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Yorkshire Gilt
Brandon Stickler, IL

Swine Farms: A Great Place to Work theme for Oct. 18 workshop, Mankato

Seminar planned for swine farm owners, employees and managers
  • So, You Want to Date My Daughter: Bruce Vincent, nationally recognized agricultural advocate
  • Euthanasia Training: John Deen, DVM, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota
  • Working In a Filtered Barn: Darwin Reicks, DVM, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter
  • Fight, Flight or Engage: Employee Conflict Management: Donna Rae Scheffert, Leadership Tools
  • With Vision, There is Hope: Bruce Vincent, nationally recognized agricultural advocate

Swine Farms: A Great Place To Work is the theme of this year’s Workforce Development Seminar set for Oct. 18 at the Country Inn & Suites, Mankato. The seminar runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Keynote speaker will be Bruce Vincent, the founder of Provider Pals and a nationally recognized agricultural advocate. Vincent’s opening talk, "So, You Want to Date My Daughter," looks at how understanding society’s environmental and animal husbandry concerns is critical to engaging the public.

At his afternoon talk, "With Vision, There is Hope," he will discuss how Americans are taught that getting your hands dirty at work is an unfulfilling career choice. Vincent will discuss why this outlook is risky for those who feed, clothe, and shelter humanity and why reversing this trend is important to workforce competency, and economic and environmental health.

Additional seminar speakers will be John Deen, DVM, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, who will discuss current swine care research; Darwin Reicks, DVM, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, who will provide information on swine barn filtration systems and filtered barn biosecurity practices; and Donna Rae Scheffert of Leadership Tools, who will discuss tactics and strategies for handling and preventing conflict.

Although the seminar is geared towards those who work in pork production, the speakers will provide beneficial information for anyone involved in livestock care and agriculture.

Preregistration is encouraged, although at-the-door registration will be accepted if space is available. The preregistration fee is $20 per person, if paid by Oct. 10. Registration at the door will be $40. Registration includes materials, lunch and refreshments.

For online registration and seminar details go to http://www.mnpork.com/producers/index.php or contact MPB Assistant Executive Director Jeremy Geske at (507) 345-8814. The Minnesota Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff are seminar sponsors. 

NSR seeks candidates for position of field representative

The National Swine Registry is currently seeking candidates for the position of field representative. The successful candidate will cover the Southwestern and Western states and will represent the National Swine Registry and the National Junior Swine Association at various events and functions. This position will be involved with various functions of all NSR departmental efforts; however, frequent interaction with NSR Marketing and Communications staff will be required in serving as a liaison for breeders in their individual marketing efforts. The successful candidate will also play an integral role in the facilitation and development of NJSA events.

This position will require considerable travel and could involve as many as 125 nights away from home annually. Location is flexible within the designated territory, but access to a major airport would be advantageous.

A degree in animal science and a background in the purebred swine industry is preferred, but not required. The successful candidate should excel in communication skills and have the desire and ability to assist NSR and NJSA members reach their individual goals.

Application deadline: Nov. 4, 2011

Applicants must send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references by mail or electronically to:
Mike Paul
NSR Vice President of Operations
2639 Yeager Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906