Triple B Sires showpigs listed on Buyers Choice Auction

Triple B Sires Online Auction

Starts Monday, Nov. 1
Ends Tuesday, Nov. 2 - 7 p.m.

With extended bidding
Selling 41 lots of belted crossbreds, solid white crossbreds, and blue crossbreds!

- Champion Lightweight Yorkshire, 2010 Houston Livestock Show
- High-placing Yorkshire Barrow, 2010 San Antonio Stock Show

- High-placing Yorkshire Barrow, 2010 Fort Worth Stock Show
- Champion Crossbred Boar, 2010 Southwest Type Conference

Triple B's sale will include their top 41 belted crossbreds, solid white crossbreds, and blue crossbreds -- these are the most elite boars and gilts farrowed at Triple B this fall! With birth dates ranging from Aug. 18-Sept. 10, pigs in this sale will be ideal for showing at San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City, LSU, and many other shows around the country.

You are each invited and encouraged to come see this incredible lineup of show pig prospects at Triple B's "Show Pig Open House" on Friday, Oct. 29, and Saturday, Oct. 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. Please give us a call to let us know when you are planning on arriving to view these pigs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

NSR Field Representative Kade Hummel has reviewed this set of hogs. Feel free to call him at 765.463.3594 to discuss these pigs.

 Triple B Sires
HC 64 Box 5303, Eufaula, OK 74432 

For Buyers Choice Auction sales contact
National Swine Registry staff:
Kade Hummel: 765-427-3481 - Michael Lackey: 765.427.3733
Ralph Doak: 765.427.9910

The National Swine Registry has partnered with the innovative online auction service -- Buyers Choice Auction. This Internet-only sales ring, located at, features a unique bidding format that provides both buyers and sellers new options in online marketing. One percent of the auction proceeds are donated to the National Junior Swine Association.

PHOTOS: NJSA members at American Royal

Special thanks to Karen Pennington, Lebanon, Ind., mother of NJSA member and Indiana Hampshire Queen Kayla Heiston, for sharing with us these photos of the 2010 American Royal Purebred Gilt Show and Market Hog Show. Congratulations also to Kayla for driving the Champion Spot Market Hog.

NAILE NJSA Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help at the NAILE Saturday November 6 through Monday November 8. Anyone who is interested in donating a couple hours of your time to work at the NJSA booth selling merchandise or willing to help at the Barnyard Olympics Saturday afternoon at 4 please contact Sarah Schwab, NJSA Junior Activities Coordinator via email or phone. NJSA greatly appreciates all of our volunteers help, we wouldn't be as great of an organization without you!
Contact Sarah at 765-463-3594 or

NAILE Barnyard Olympics

Join us Saturday November 6 at NAILE for the Barnyard Olympics! You can find your team sign up sheet at the NJSA booth.

More Information:

How do I form a team?
o 5 kids & 1 adult ‘team leader’
o 1 novice or junior member must be on the team (12 & under)
o 1 intermediate or senior member must be on the team (13-21 years of age)

What if I cannot find a team?
o Bring your sign up sheet to the NJSA booth and we will put a team together for you!

Sign up deadline?
o Please turn in your team sheets by noon on Saturday to the NJSA booth or Sarah Schwab NJSA Jr. Activities Coordinator.

What should I wear?
o Comfortable clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty or wet in!

What does the Team Leader do?
o Because of the size of our event the Team Leaders will help keep all the teams quiet during instructions, help each team understand the games, and cheer their teams on!

We hope to see you there!

American Royal pedigreed gilt show winners

The National Junior Swine Association and Team Purebred joined forces with the American Royal to sponsor a Junior Pedigreed Gilt Show, held this past weekend, Oct. 23-24, in Kansas City. NSR Director of Junior Activities Alan Duttlinger and NSR Field Representative Michael Lackey assisted with the show.

Gilt entries included registered Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Landrace, Chester, Poland, or Spotted gilts, and all exhibitors were members of NJSA or Team Purebred.

At the conclusion of the show the respective Champion of each breed competed for the Supreme Champion Junior Pedigreed Gilt of the show. Each of the exhibitors of breed champions recieved a $300 scholarship. In addition, the exhibitor of the Supreme Champion received a special banner and award jacket.

NJSA member Matthew Whelan of Stigler, Okla., drove his Champion Duroc Gilt to win Supreme Champion Junior Pedigreed Gilt. NSR breed champions are as follows.

Champion: Matthew Whelan, Stigler, Okla. (Supreme Champion Junior Pedigreed Gilt)
Reserve Champion: Danika Miller, Terre Haute, Ind.

Champion: Aaron Cain, Chariton, Iowa
Reserve Champion: Garrett Holmes, Lebo, Kan.

Champion: Seth Smoot, Eaton, Ind.
Reserve Champion: Grayce McClimans, Alma, Kan.

Champion: Peyton Hill, Nevada, Tex.
Reserve Champion: Peyton Hill, Nevada, Tex.

NSR adds pedigree internship, now accepting applications

The National Swine Registry has posted descriptions of their internship programs, including a new, fourth intern opportunity in the NSR Pedigree Department. All intern positions are full-time positions with a stipend, and last mid- to late-May through August. All applications are due Feb. 1.

Visit the Home page of for full descriptions and contact information for each internship.

NSR Field Staff Internship
The NSR Field Staff Internship provides on-the-road experience traveling the Midwest with full-time NSR Field Representatives, and opportunities to both learn from and contribute to field activities. Responsibilities include visiting purebred swine farms and A.I. boar studs; assisting at NSR-sponsored events including the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa; and the Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Ky.; assisting at state fairs; and other field staff duties as assigned.

National Junior Swine Association Internship
The NJSA Internship will provide experience in planning and executing shows and leadership events for the nation’s largest youth livestock organization. You will have the opportunity to assist NJSA staff with planning the World Pork Expo Junior Classic and the year’s pinnacle event – the National Junior Summer Spectacular, as well as help lead the NJSA board of directors, write Youth Spotlight highlights, take photos and video, facilitate web updates, and write articles for "The Pinnacle" newsletter. This internship provides experience in event planning, communications, youth leadership, and livestock show production.

NSR Marketing & Communications Internship
This is a tailor-made internship – you help make it what you want it to be! As the NSR Marketing & Communications Intern, you will have the opportunity to work with NSR staff to personally design your internship curriculum and focus on the areas of marketing and communications in which you are most interested, or want to gain experience. Options for a summer work plan include feature writing for Seedstock EDGE, advertisement design and page layout, magazine production, online content development, photography, marketing, and more! You will have the chance to collaborate on projects with the National Junior Swine Association, report on national shows, contribute to Buyers Choice Auction online sales, and brainstorm and develop new ideas for growing the NSR.

NSR Pedigree Department Internship
The first-ever NSR Pedigree Department Internship offers the opportunity to participate in and learn to register litters, process show entries, search and deliver pedigrees, provide customer service, and complete various data handling processes associated with a purebred livestock records system. This internship will also provide exposure to DNA testing and coding and STAGES™ data entry, as well as attendance and assistance with data entry and recordkeeping at NSR shows.

VIDEO: Round II, NJSA at FFA Convention 2010

Check out more great video clips -- and outtakes -- of current and new NJSA members, taken at the NJSA/Pork Checkoff booth at the 2010 National FFA Convention this past weekend in Indianapolis.

Photos of NJSA at FFA Convention

Photos from the NJSA booth at the National FFA Convention!

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FFA members showcase their favorite breeds of swine!
A new NJSA member enters his information to sign up!
The NJSA and Team Purebred booth was sponsored by the National Pork Board. Pictured l to r: Nicole Boettger, Director of Producer Services, National Pork Board; Sarah Schwab, NSR Coordinator of Junior Activities; RaeJean White, NJSA At-Large Director; Brynn Poliska, Outreach & Marketing Manager, National Pork Board; and Alan Duttlinger, NSR Director of Junior Activities.
Former NJSA member and previous National FFA President Beau Williamson of California presents a workshop to the National FFA Agri-Entrepreneur winners.
RaeJean White shares information on the activities and events of NJSA.
Sarah Schwab talks with a potential NJSA member about the organization.
Alicia Keller helps a potential NJSA member pack up educational material on the swine industry.

VIDEO: NJSA at FFA Convention 2010

Take a virtual visit to the National FFA Convention with your NJSA Directors as they share information about NJSA membership, shows and leadership activities with FFA members, advisors and guests at the FFA Career Show booth, sponsored by the National Pork Board.

See if you recognize any of the NJSA members wearing the FFA blue and gold and sharing what they love about the swine industry and NJSA!

Stein & Stewart's Fall Online Sale #2 live on!

Stein & Stewart's Genetics
Online Fall Showpig Sale #2

Starts Monday, Oct. 18
Ends Tuesday, Oct. 19 - 7 p.m.
With extended bidding

  • A class-winning gilt at the 2010 Tulsa State Fair was purchased in an online Buyers Choice Auction sale from Stein & Stewart Genetics!
  • The dam of the 2010 Champion Gilt at the Tulsa State Fair was purchased from Stein & Stewart Genetics!
Stein & Stewart Genetics is offering an outstanding set of late-July farrowed barrows and gilts. Fourteen Duroc gilts and one boar sired by Touch of Class, Cornhusker, and Greinke will sell. These pigs will be prime for winter and early spring shows. Stein & Stewart Genetics consistently collect champion awards at state fairs and NSR shows. This summer they had Champion Gilt at the Missouri State Fair, Reserve Champion Gilt and Boar at the Iowa State Fair, and Champion Duroc Gilt at the World Pork Expo. Get your next great red hog from Stein & Stewart Genetics!

NSR Field Representatives Kade Hummel (765.463.3594) and Michael Lackey (765.427.3733) have both been through this set of hogs. Additionally, Brian Anderson (620.515.3348) of Kansas has also reviewed this lineup. Please feel free to call any of them to discuss these pigs.

Carl Stein 816.633.4343 or 816.914.4914 (cell)
7912 Newton Road, Odessa, MO 64076

For Buyers Choice Auction sales contact
National Swine Registry staff:
Kade Hummel: 765-427-3481 - Michael Lackey: 765.427.3733 - Ralph Doak: 765.427.9910

The National Swine Registry has partnered with the innovative online auction service -- Buyers Choice Auction. This Internet-only sales ring, located at, features a unique bidding format that provides both buyers and sellers new options in online marketing. One percent of the auction proceeds are donated to the National Junior Swine Association.

VIDEO: NJSA staff, Sarah Sell tribute in Pig to Pork newsletter

Watch NSR's National Junior Swine Association team of Director Alan Duttlinger and and Coordinator Sarah Schwab, as they promote the NJSA presence at the upcoming American Royal, in the new swine industry newsletter "Pig to Pork" from Trent Loos and Feedstuffs magazine.

Additionally, Trent Loos provides a touching tribute to Sarah Sell of Iowa, who tragically died in a car accident in September.

Be sure and check out the full newsletter below. This e-newsletter is a weekly feature -- sign up to receive it today!

NSR office closed, email not functional through Monday

A reminder to everyone that the NSR office will be partially closed today at noon until Monday due to our office move. The telephone number 765.463.3594 will still work, and staff will be available to answer the phone; however, not all staff will be readily available.

Additionally, all NSR email addresses will not be functional, and access to pedigrees and other records will not be available. Please do not send email to the NSR during this time, as it will not be delivered.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, and appreciate your understanding. For any urgent concerns or questions, please call 765.463.3594.

Part III, Dr. Clint Schwab visits Ukraine

(l to r) Dr. Tom Baas, Ukrainian host,
Dr. Clint Schwab, Dr. Harold Hodson
This is the third of a four-part series. Read Dr. Schwab's description of the visit in Part I.

Part I, Dr. Clint Schwab visits Ukraine
Part II, Dr. Clint Schwab visits Ukraine

Dr. Clint Schwab, director of genetic and technical services for the National Swine Registry, visited Ukraine in July 2010 to both present information to swine producers in this country, as well as learn about their systems. Accompanying him were Dr. Tom Baas of Iowa State University, and Dr. Harold Hodson from Swine Genetics International, Iowa. Following are Schwab's third set of photos and descriptions of this tour.
The third farm that we visited was Dnipro Hybrid Farm in Zhovti Vody City. It is owned by Getman Vladimir who coordinated our visit within Ukraine. As illustrated in the following pictures, many of the technological advances used throughout the U.S. and E.U. are incorporated at this unit. Here Baas and Hodson are having an in-depth discussion during the visit.

The use of farrowing crates is not typical in Ukraine, but was used at this unit. The sow is a half-blood U.S. Yorkshire. Currently due to transport limitations that make it extremely complicated to get live animals to Ukraine, local breeders are aggressively pursuing the use of frozen semen to access U.S. genetics.

Just prior to weaning at 21 days, these ¾ blood U.S. pigs will be used to transition this farm to genetics from the U.S. via frozen semen. Conception rates with frozen semen at this unit are greater than 80 percent.

The nursery facility uses solid concrete floors heated with hot water. The perimeter of the pens has steel grated floors. The combination of this design with the “Airworks” ventilation design of Whiteshire Hamroc is functioning well.

This unit very effectively uses a pen gestation system (above and below photos) with electronic sow feeders. Each female has an electronic tag, and her activity (feed intake, boar visits, etc.) is tracked in the computer. If she needs to be preg-checked, has an irregular eating pattern, has visited the boar a certain number of times, etc, she is automatically sorted into a “chore pen” during the night.  This allows employees to take care of the most important items first thing in the morning and easily identify those sows that need immediate attention. These are things that are complicated to track and manage even in crate gestation units.

An illustration of the boar station. Here each sow is able to get nose-to-nose contact with the boar and each visit she makes is recorded via the electronic tag. 

View photos and information from additional Ukraine swine farms in upcoming blog posts.

Hines' Northern Exposure Sale on Buyers Choice Auction!

Northern Exposure Pig Sale

Starts Wednesday, Oct. 13
Ends Thursday, Oct. 14 - 7 p.m.
With extended bidding

• Hines Genetics • Pat & Doug Albright
• Ed & Brad Mortensen • Ernie Birchmeier

A tremendous opportunity to purchase pigs from four of Michigan's top purebred breeders: Hines Genetics, Doug & Pat Albright, Ed & Brad Mortensen and Ernie Birchmeier. This lineup of Hampshires, Durocs, Yorks and crossbreds come from top sires including Huggy Bear, Greeter, Basham, Yak II, Here I Am, No Questions and Phenomax. Your chance to own full siblings to the Gold Standard -- the $205,000 world-record selling Hampshire Boar at the Summer Type Conference, and his littermate, the $25,000 Champion Junior Hampshire Gilt at the NJSS, out of Huggy Bear x The Beast.

Call NSR Field Representative Kade Hummel at 765.427.3481 for more information.

Lot 4 - Huggy Bear gilt (Mortensen)

Lot 1 - Huggy Bear gilt (Hines)
Lot 12 - Huggy Bear boar (Mortensen)

Lot 15 - Yak II gilt (Birchmeier)
Lot 26 - Pure Vision crossbred gilt (Albright)

Hines Genetics – Brian, Donna, Cailyn & Payton Hines
Quincy, Mich.
We run 20 Hampshire sows for show seedstock production. The herd ties the best of Prairieland Genetics with a large influence of Huggy Bear genetics in a competitive showring look. We are offering the top showring prospects from our August farrowing. We believe in making better seedstock that doesn't just follow fads.

Pat & Doug Albright
Coldwater, Mich.
We are a 180-sow operation with about 50 purebreds. Including Berkshire, Yorkshire, Duroc and Hampshire sows. We have produced many champions around Michigan and the Midwest. Check out our website for pictures and more info. Berkshires being offered are Here I Am out of Making History sows. Durocs are Phenomax on an Ignition Sow.

Ed & Brad Mortensen (Sunny Brook Farms)
Kent City, Mich.
Ed & Brad Mortensen are producers of some of the top Hampshire boars in the breed including Huggy Bear, Happy Ending, Paint it Black, The Fever, Brickhouse, and Easy Rider. All of their pigs will be genetically tied to these sires.

Ernie Birchmeier
Corunna, Mich.
Birchmeier Show Hogs is operated by Ernie Birchmeier and focuses on producing competitive show pigs and breeding stock. We have been fortunate to have class winners at the NJSA Summer Spectacular six years in a row, including the Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt. Over the years we have produced hundreds of county and state fair champions, including at the Michigan State Fair and the Ohio State Fair. Our Durocs have dominated the Duroc show at the Scarlet and Gray in Ohio. The pigs consigned to the Northern Exposure Sale are littermate Durocs. They are sired by Yak II at Shipley Swine Genetics, their mother is a Tug and a littermate to the Champion Duroc Boar at the 2009 Summer Type Conference.
For Buyers Choice Auction sales contact
National Swine Registry staff:
Kade Hummel: 765-427-3481 - Michael Lackey: 765.427.3733 - Ralph Doak: 765.427.9910

The National Swine Registry has partnered with the innovative online auction service -- Buyers Choice Auction. This Internet-only sales ring, located at, features a unique bidding format that provides both buyers and sellers new options in online marketing. One percent of the auction proceeds are donated to the National Junior Swine Association.

WTC to add crossbred boar and gilt shows

Shane Brinning shows the Champion Crossbred Boar at the 2010 World Pork Expo.
 New to the NSR Winter Type Conference -- crossbred boars and gilts will be allowed to show and sell at the annual event held in Perry, Ga. The date for the 2011 show is Jan. 22.

Other NSR shows, such as the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas, the Summer Type Conference in Louisville, Ky., and the Fall Classic in Duncan, Okla., offer shows for crossbred boars, but not gilts.

“The decision was made by the NSR Executive Committee to add these shows to the WTC in the interest of meeting the needs of NSR members who also raise crossbred boars and gilts,” said NSR Vice President of Operations Mike Paul.

Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of two crossbred boars and three crossbred gilts in the WTC. Entry fees are $100 for each boar and $30 for each gilt. Crossbred boars must provide a documented stress test result to exhibit and to be offered for sale, gilts do not. Similar to purebreds, each hog must be accompanied by two copies of an official interstate health certificate issued by a licensed, accredited veterinarian. A complete description of health requirements and other show regulations are included on the entry form.

Registration for crossbred boars and gilts is on the same entry form as purebred boars and gilts, and available in the October issue of Seedstock EDGE or online at All entries must be postmarked to the NSR office by Dec. 17.

For additional information, or with questions, call Mike Paul at 765.463.3594.