Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt

Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt out of Toxic 23-5 x Moore Body
Steve Sell and family of Midwest Genetics in Glenwood, Iowa, have graciously donated a crossbred female named Suzanne to the sale at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, June 11. The donation of this gilt is in memory of Sara Sell and all proceeds will be donated to the NJSA.

Suzanne is a Toxic 23-5 and her dam is sired by Moore Body. Toxic 23-5 is a full sibling to Toxic 9-8 and 9-9. Midwest Genetics has previously raised 4G, a class-winning gilt at the Iowa State Fair Crossbred Classic, now owned by Small Town Genetics of Denair, Calif. In only two litters, 4G has produced Paparazzi at Lean Value Sires and Cadet 14-5 at Small Town Genetics. Along with 4G, Midwest Genetics has produced Shasta, the champion junior gilt at the Iowa State Fair Crossbred Classic. Shasta is now owned by Forsyth Brothers and in only four litters has produced more than $100,000 worth of pigs. Out of these four litters, Classic Steal at Duelm's Prevailing Genetics, The Closer at Southern Advantage, Foresight at Cobb/McLemore's, and Heavy Duty and Super Duty at SGI have all been produced.

The Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt will sell before the crossbred gilts on Saturday, June 11 at the World Pork Expo, with all proceeds being donated to the NJSA. Look for this gilt on display under the green banner at the World Pork Expo. The NJSA would like to thank Steve Sell and family for such a generous donation. We greatly appreciate it, and honor the memory of former NJSA member, Sara Sell.

FMD pocket guide available for pork producers

porkNetwork - FMD pocket guide available for pork producers - Diseases

A new foot-and-mouth disease educational pocket guide is now available to U.S. swine veterinarians and pork producers. The laminated flipchart contains photos illustrating lesions associated with FMD in domestic and feral swine.

This pocket guide, developed through a cooperative agreement funded by USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, is a collaborative effort of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, Iowa State University’s Center for Food Security and Public Health, National Pork Board and USDA-APHIS.

Symptoms seen with food-and-mouth disease are vesicles, or blisters, on the snout or on the feet. Excessive salivating and lameness also are commonly seen. Feed intake is often reduced because of painful tongue and mouth lesions.

Awareness of FMD among livestock producers and veterinarians is critical. Fortunately, the U.S. pork industry has been building its FMD crisis plan for nearly 15 years. “Overall, the nation’s preparedness is very good,” says Corrie Brown, DVM, University of Georgia. “Federal funding has assisted many states to conduct test exercises, which has really improved our overall readiness.”

Veterinarians have a heightened awareness of what FMD looks like, which would allow for a rapid response. “However, there may be room for improvement at the producer level,” Brown adds. “Producer education courses and on-going FMD awareness training for people who have contact with animals every day would certainly help in our preparedness.”

FMD is highly contagious and infects cloven-hoofed animals including pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, deer and bison. While FMD vaccines are available, successful protection requires that the vaccine be specific to the virus strain that an animal encounters.

The guide is now available for $15 from Iowa State’s Center for Food Security and Public Health. Quantity pricing is available when ordering 5 copies or more.

You may order online.

Source: AASV and

When pigs fly, pork producers benefit

This article is reprinted from the Pork Leader newsletter, available at: Latest Pork Leader Newsletter
South Korea's efforts to cull nearly a third of its swine herd in the wake of a recent foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak have propelled U.S. Pork exports and have created a new opportunity for a Midwestern shipping business that’s sending live hogs to help the Asian nation repopulate.

“Pork is South Korea’s number-one protein, and when a situation of this magnitude occurs, it’s devastating,” says Tony Clayton, president of Clayton Agri-Marketing Inc., in Jefferson City, Mo, whose company been tasked with getting hundreds of U.S. hogs to South Korea safely.

Starting on May 31 and continuing into June, three separate shipments of hogs will be transported on 747s from Chicago to South Korea. The animals have been selected for specific swine genetics, including Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Berkshire, that the South Korean buyers desire, says Clayton, who notes that the first shipment will include 235 hogs.

The hogs are housed in specially-designed pens in the cargo planes to ensure the animals arrive in the best possible condition. The hogs have access to plenty of water with electrolytes, although they will likely sleep during most of the 16-hour flight, Clayton says.
“The hogs travel very well, and we work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure the animals’ well-being,” says Clayton, who notes that the hogs must spend a number of days in quarantine in both the United States and South Korea to ensure that they are healthy and free of disease.

This is just the start of a herd rebuilding process may require South Korea to import approximately 50,000 hogs during the next few years. “The South Koreans like to buy from the United States, because they value good meat quality and other genetic traits,” Clayton says.

NJSA Maschhoff Scholarship Deadline

NJSA members don't forget the Maschhoffs scholarship is due May 13th. Go to to download your scholarship application and instructions. Call Sarah Schwab for more information 765-463-3594.

2011 Pre‐World Pork Expo tours available

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) offers three unique and interesting tour options for World Pork Expo attendees who want to experience Midwestern agriculture – and hospitality – at its finest. There is one 2-day tour, and two 1-day tours available to choose from.

The tours will take place on Monday, June 6, and Tuesday, June 7, prior to the opening of World Pork Expo on June 8. The tours were developed to provide international and domestic guests with a sampling of the diversity and importance of agriculture to Iowa, to the United States and to the world. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to interact with agri-business representatives and farm managers, as well as other tour participants.

Tour One June 6-7: Midwest Agriculture Highlights ($300)
Monday, June 6
·         Depart from the Airport Holiday Inn
·         Amana Colonies Farm Tour—Tour a communal farm in central Iowa that has both modern day facilities, including a methane digester, and historic aspects to their practices
·         Cinnamon Ridge Farms Along with 4,000 acres of corn and soybeans, this farm has wean-to-finish buildings, a beef operation and a Jersey dairy operation. See the inside of the hog building through a specially designed viewing room, allowing visitors to observe modern production without compromising the farm’s security measures.
·         Rock Island Arsenal Tour Locks and Dam 15 Witness how agricultural products are transported from the Midwest to the rest of the world – passports required
·         Dinner You will have the opportunity to interact with Midwest farmers and pork producers in a comfortable setting

Tuesday, June 7
·         Breakfast Enjoy a “Midwest” breakfast
·         John Deere Pavilion ─ The John Deere Pavilion was created as a celebration of the past, present and future of agribusiness. It is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive agricultural exhibit. If time allows, the group also will view the John Deere combine-manufacturing plant.
·         Barge View River Terminal Tour-Board an actual barge on the Mississippi and learn firsthand how barges are loaded and processed through the Mississippi River Terminal.
·         Return to Des Moines

Tour Two Monday, June 6: Iowa Agriculture ($125*)
·         PDI Perishable Distributors of Iowa (PDI, Ltd) had 2010 sales of more than $835,000,000 and a product list of more than 5,000 fresh and frozen items, making it one of the largest food distribution companies in the Midwest
·         Christensen Farms See how a feed mill operates for a large pork-production facility; Christensen Farms is one of the top-five pork producers in the United States
·         Iowa State University Meat Lab—Tour ISU’s own meat harvesting and processing facility.
·         Iowa State University (ISU) Enjoy a tour of ISU’s newly remodeled College of Veterinary Medicine

Tour Three Tuesday, June 7: Iowa Agri-Business ($125*)
·         Swine Genetics International (SGI) This recognized boar-reproduction company offers genetics through liquid and frozen semen
·         Lunch – The Machine Shed Restaurant ( is a popular local favorite
·         Kemin Industries – Tour this modern bioscience company that produces everything from pet foods to pharmaceuticals
·         Pioneer Hi-Bred International Tour one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of advanced plant genetics.

*$200 for both one-day tours

Tour Prices Include: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the tours, admission to all three days of World Pork Expo, a shuttle to and from the Airport Holiday Inn, World Pork Expo and Jordan Creek Mall during the show.

International Hotel: The Airport Holiday Inn will serve as the primary starting and stopping points for the tours and shuttles. For reservations, call 800.248.4013 or visit:

This tour is sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association. To register for the tours go to or contact Bryan Humphreys at the National Pork Producers Council at 515.864.7987 (office), 515.451.0484 (cell) or

Photos up on Facebook from NJSA NYLC

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