Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt

Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt out of Toxic 23-5 x Moore Body
Steve Sell and family of Midwest Genetics in Glenwood, Iowa, have graciously donated a crossbred female named Suzanne to the sale at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, June 11. The donation of this gilt is in memory of Sara Sell and all proceeds will be donated to the NJSA.

Suzanne is a Toxic 23-5 and her dam is sired by Moore Body. Toxic 23-5 is a full sibling to Toxic 9-8 and 9-9. Midwest Genetics has previously raised 4G, a class-winning gilt at the Iowa State Fair Crossbred Classic, now owned by Small Town Genetics of Denair, Calif. In only two litters, 4G has produced Paparazzi at Lean Value Sires and Cadet 14-5 at Small Town Genetics. Along with 4G, Midwest Genetics has produced Shasta, the champion junior gilt at the Iowa State Fair Crossbred Classic. Shasta is now owned by Forsyth Brothers and in only four litters has produced more than $100,000 worth of pigs. Out of these four litters, Classic Steal at Duelm's Prevailing Genetics, The Closer at Southern Advantage, Foresight at Cobb/McLemore's, and Heavy Duty and Super Duty at SGI have all been produced.

The Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt will sell before the crossbred gilts on Saturday, June 11 at the World Pork Expo, with all proceeds being donated to the NJSA. Look for this gilt on display under the green banner at the World Pork Expo. The NJSA would like to thank Steve Sell and family for such a generous donation. We greatly appreciate it, and honor the memory of former NJSA member, Sara Sell.

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