New e-Pinnacle to launch tomorrow!

NJSA members …
         ARE YOU READY????

Launching tomorrow, Friday, June 2, at noon, is the brand new e-Pinnacle website! The first two members to “like” the new e-Pinnacle release posting on the NJSA Facebook will get a prize from NJSA!

The new e-Pinnacle site is the digital version of your well-known NJSA newsletter – except it’s packed with more stories, exciting photos, and your favorite columns, and now it’s online in a fully interactive format!

But that’s not all … check your mailboxes! The full-color, awesomely designed e-Pinnacle you’ll see online is coming in print as well. This issue only is piggybacked with the June Youth issue of the regular NSR publication, Seedstock EDGE. All NJSA members will receive the printed copy, and it will be available for distribution at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, June 7-11.

We hope you like the additional features, stories and articles packed into this double-whammy, as you learn about the people, events and opportunities that make the NJSA the exciting organization that it is!

So get your mouse poised, and get ready for the exciting unveiling of the new e-Pinnacle!

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