Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt sold at 2011 World Pork Expo

The NJSA sincerely thanks the Sara Sell Family and the following supporters for the donation and purchase of the Sara Sell Memorial Donation Gilt.

The gilt, named Suzanne, was purchased for $11,000 at the World Pork Expo by the following buyers, and donated back to the Sell family. All proceeds went to the NJSA.

· Edwards Family Genetics, Texas
· Sarah Jones, Texas
· Schminke’s Genetics, Iowa
· Mike Fischer, Texas
· Hirschfeld Livestock, Neb.
· Warren Family Showpigs, Iowa
· Iowa Elite, Iowa
· Dylan Evans, Kan.
· John and Deanna Fuller, Iowa
· Hi Point Genetics, Ill.
· Nationwide Barrow Battle (Show-Rite), Okla

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