World Pork Expo Sweepstakes Contest Results

2011 World Pork Expo Junior National
Des Moines, Iowa
June 7-10

Novice Sweepstakes Contest
Novice Top 10 Sweepstakes Contest winners: (front row, l to r) 1st: Riley Wendt, Ohio; 2nd Kendra Myers, N.D.; 3rd: Colby Rourke, Iowa; 4th: Ella Jordan, Mo.; 5th: Daisy Christopher, Ind.; (back row) 6th: Owen Rozeboom, Wis.; 7th: Gavin Biery, Ohio; 8th: Gabe Hodges, Kan.; 9th: Alivia Burzlaff, Iowa; 10th: Thomas Paulsen, Iowa.
Novice Top 10
1. Riley Wendt, OH
2. Kendra Myers, ND
3. Colby Rourke, IA
4. Ella Jordan, MO
5. Daisy Christopher, IN
6. Owen Rozeboom, WI
7. Gavin Biery, OH
8. Gabe Hodges, KS
9. Alivia Burzlaff, IA
10. Thomas Paulsen, IA

Junior Sweepstakes Contest
Junior Top 10 Sweepstakes Contest winners: (front row, l to r) 1st: Brandon Stickler, Ill.; 2nd: Cailyn Hines, Mich.; 3rd: Payton Hines, Mich.; 5th: Auburn Harvey, Ind.; 4th: Megan Mench, Ind.; (back row) 6th: Aaron Cain, Iowa; 7th: Ashtin Guyer, Ill.; 8th: Hallie Landry, La.; 9th: Kaylah Bolander-Heaton, Ind.; 10th: Sarah Jones, Texas.
Junior Top 10
1. Brandon Stickler, IL
2. Cailyn Hines, MI
3. Payton Hines, MI
4. Megan Mench, IN
5. Auburn Harvey, IN
6. Aaron Cain, IA
7. Ashtin Guyer, IL
8. Hallie Landry, LA
9. Kaylah Bolander-Heaton, IN
10. Sarah Jones, TX
Intermediate Sweepstakes Contest
Intermediate Top 10 Sweepstakes Contest winners: (front row, l to r) 1st: Maddison Caldwell, Ill.; 2nd: Christopher Nott, Ohio; 3rd: Natalie Hofschulte, Okla.; 4th: Blake Holmes, Kan.; 5th: Jackson Johnson, Ind.; (back row) 6th: Shelby Holmes, Kan.; 7th: Austin Joostberns, Mich.; 9th: Morgan Mench, Ind.; 10th: Abigail Peace, Pa. Not pictured, 8th: Allison George, Ala.
Intermediate Top 10
1. Maddison Caldwell, IL
2. Christopher Nott, OH
3. Natalie Hofschulte, OK
4. Blake Holmes, KS
5. Jackson Johnson, IN
6. Shelby Holmes, KS
7. Austin Joostberns, MI
8. Allison George, AL
9. Morgan Mench, IN
10. Abigail Peace, PA

Senior Sweepstakes Contest
Senior Top 10 Sweepstakes Contest winners: (front row, l to r) 1st: Blake Davis, Ark.; 2nd: David Ammann, Ill.; 3rd: Austin Thompson, Ind.; 4th: Tyler Loschen, Ill.; 5th: Konni Kelso, Texas; (back row) 6th: Tana Simmons, Ind.; 7th: Tiffany Woodridge, Texas; 8th: Katherine McCormick, Md.; 9th: Daniel Ammann, Ill.; 10th: Chelsee Beal, Pa.
Senior Top 10
1. Blake Davis, AR
2. David Ammann, IL
3. Austin Thompson, IN
4. Tyler Loschen, IL
5. Konnie Kelso, TX
6. Tana Simmons, IN
7. Tiffany Wooldridge, TX
8. Katherine McCormick, MD
9. Daniel Ammann, IL
10. Chelsee Beal, PA

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