Temple Genetics lauded for record performance

National Association of Swine Records presents award at World Pork Expo

Mike Paul (r), president of the National Association of Swine Records, presents the 2011 Master Seedstock Producer Award to Bill Tempel and his daughter Valerie Duttlinger, both of Tempel Genetics Inc., the recipient of the award.

The National Association of Swine Records recognized Tempel Genetics, Inc., of Gentryville, Ind., with the 2011 Master Seedstock Producer Award at the World Pork Expo last week in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Master Seedstock Producer Award is given on an annual basis in acknowledgement of a producer, farm or family that has achieved high levels of success in breeding purebred swine. The award criteria includes evaluating performance of breeding animals and progeny, goals of the business, scope of the enterprise, and personal involvement in the purebred industry.

Tempel Genetics is owned and managed by Bill and Angie Tempel, along with their daughter Valerie and her husband Ben Duttlinger and their sons Blake and Jace. The Tempels have been raising purebred swine since 1980; originally raising replacements, then starting to sell breeding boars and gilts.

The operation today encompasses 1,200 Yorkshire sows and 1,500 Landrace sows producing Yorkshire x Landrace F1 crossbreds for commercial use, and 200 Yorkshire sows and 200 Landrace sows for raising purebred replacements. They sell on an annual basis 200 boars, 1,350 gilts, 12,000 F1 crossbred gilts, and more than 20,000 doses of Yorkshire and Landrace semen.

Tempel Genetics leads the industry in purebred-based commercial production record collection. In addition to stringently developing and tracking performance, genotype and phenotype on their nucleus, purebred genetic herd, Tempels also evaluate the commercial level progeny of more than 8,000 F1 sows. Tracking standard production variables on these terminal market animals allows Tempels to evaluate an abundance of data and continue to design a better purebred animal to improve their commercial base.

"We feel strongly that in order to improve your animals, progeny testing is critical," said Tempels in their application. The feedback of records from the commercial level "allows us to increase our rate of genetic progress significantly, compared to utilizing the same data within just the nucleus and multiplication systems."

The Tempel family members have held various leadership roles in the purebred swine and pork industry over the years, including serving on the boards of the American Yorkshire Club, American Landrace Association, National Swine Improvement Federation, Indiana Pork Producers, Spencer County Pork Producers, Spencer County 4-H Association and Southern Indiana Livestock Committee. They are also involved in many community and church organizations.

The Tempels, who employ eight full-time staff and work with three independent multiplier units and nine contract grower units, say breed associations "are like an extension of our team of people.

"They provide us with pedigrees, leadership and guidance in areas such as breed purity, and develop programs for extending breed relevance," the Tempels say.

Darrell Anderson, CEO of the National Swine Association, says Tempels Genetics is incredibly deserving of the award, and the family provides an example of success for other operations to strive for.

"Tempel Genetics has set the bar high in terms of collecting commercial records from a purebred base," Anderson says. "As representatives of all pedigreed swine, we are proud to recognize them for their achievements."

The National Association of Swine Records is comprised of members representing eight breeds of swine, including the National Swine Registry, which encompasses Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire; Certified Pedigreed Swine, which includes Chester White, Poland China and Spotted; and the American Berkshire Association.

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