Pedigree Portal: DNA Sire Requirements

DNA Sire Requirements 

All Purebred litters recorded with NSR since July 2004 are required to be sired by a boar that is negative of the Stress Gene.  If you have a boar that you are using to breed sows within your herd, a Stress Gene test must have been completed prior to recording litters.  

To fulfill these requirements, you can order a DNA card from the National Swine Registry for $4.  Once you receive the DNA card, you will notice there are 4 circles on the DNA card.  Please get DNA in all 4 circles.  The most preferred form of DNA is blood, because it lasts longer on the DNA card and is much easier for the lab to read.  Another acceptable form of DNA is semen.  If you choose to submit semen as DNA, you must use raw semen that does not have any extender in it.  Once you get DNA on the card, let it dry for 24 hours before sending it in.  If you do not let it dry, mold develops on the card, which kills the DNA and could cause your sample to be unreadable.  If you are not able to get blood or semen from your boar, the third form of DNA we can accept is hair.  If you plan to send in hair as DNA, please contact us for a DNA hair collection card, as these are different from the cards used for blood or semen.  You will need to send at least 15-20 pieces of hair and you MUST get the follicles. The DNA is ONLY in the follicle of the hair. 

You can send your DNA samples directly to the NSR office.  Once we receive your sample, we will automatically blood bank your boar, which is storing the card in our office in case any future parentage testing is needed.  Then, we will send the sample to the lab for a Stress test.  The Stress test generally takes 2-3 weeks.  The cost of blood banking is $6 and the cost of the Stress Gene test is $25.  Blood banking and Stress tests are the two requirements for all sires.  If you plan to sell semen from your Hampshire boar, you will also need to order the Hamp Color test. 

If you need your DNA testing expedited, please contact me before sending it in for special rush instructions. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a Merry Christmas!
Whitney Hosier
Hampshire/Landrace/DNA Secretary