March Madness and Pig Sales

Although it may not look or feel much like spring today, we are well into March and as always, the new season brings many exciting activities. The NCAA Tournament has yet again lived up to its “March Madness” status while people finally realize what the letters FGCU stand for on their busted brackets. But most importantly, spring means that the annual Midwest pig sale season is in full swing. As families begin shopping for junior gilt and barrow projects, there are several things to keep in mind.
The NSR Extravaganza will take
place at 6 p.m. on April 24th at the
Wayne County Fairgrounds.
NSR Weanling Pig Extravaganza
The National Swine Registry will be hosting the annual NSR Weanling Pig Extravaganza in Richmond, Ind. where breeders from across the country will be offering elite purebred and crossbred prospects for sale. Be sure to mark your calendars and join us at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on April 24th. This will be a great opportunity to purchase pigs for county, state and NJSA shows.

Keep in Mind Premiums for Purebreds

Many county and state fair shows offer specified premiums for Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire barrow and gilt champions. In many cases, these premiums are annually sponsored by the National Swine Registry or by state sponsored breed organizations. Be sure to read your fair's premium book for details on how you can take advantage of your champions this year.

Preparing for NJSA Summer Events
It seems that today's youth have more opportunties than ever before to participate in junior livestock shows and activities. The NJSA is proud to host two of the largest purebred youth swine shows annually, the World Pork Expo Junior National and the National Junior Summer Spectacular. Each year, NJSA members from across the country gather at these two events for a fun filled week of showing hogs, competing in leadership activities and making new friends.
Many of you are currently purchasing your prospects to be shown at our two national summer shows. But before assembling this year’s set of showpigs, a few questions that need to be addressed are:

  1. What age do my pigs need to be to show at these events?
  2. What are the ownership and entry deadlines for these events?
  3. Can I show crossbred barrows or gilts at these NJSA shows?
  4. If so, how many purebreds are required to be exhibited in order to show a crossbred barrow or gilt?
The World Pork Expo Jr. National
is one of the nation's elite junior
gilt and barrow shows.
World Pork Expo Junior National 
  • June 4-7, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA
  • Pigs eligible to show must be born November 1, 2012 and after
  • The ownership and entry deadline for the WPX is April 26th
  • This show consists of NJSA & Team Purebred gilt and barrow shows along with crossbred gilt and barrow shows
  • Exhibitors must show one purebred gilt for every one crossbred gilt and one purebred barrow for every one crossbred barrows
  • For more details about this year's World Pork Expo Junior National, click here
 National Junior Summer Spectacular
  • July 1-5, Kentucky Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY
  • Pigs eligible to show must be born December 1, 2012 and after
  • The Ownership deadline for NJSS is May 3rd, while the entry deadline is May 16th
  • This show consists of NJSA gilt and barrow shows (no crossbreds)
  • For more details about this year's National Junior Summer Spectacular, click here
More than just a hog show!

Each NJSA show provides youth with great opportunities to compete in a variety of educational competitions. The WPX Junior National includes showmanship and swine judging competition. The NJSS is considered the "Super Bowl" of NJSA shows and includes a broad spectrum of contests including Skillathon, Quiz Bowl, Speech, Sales, Judging
and Poster competitions, plus more.
NJSA Boot Camp

Boot Camp attendees participated in
several training sessions including
 a swine nutrition workshop.
NJSA members attending Boot Camp
recieved hands-on experience
in Purdue's meats lab.

In order to prepare younger (8-12) members for these competitions, the NJSA hosts the annual NJSA Boot Camp. This year, more than 100 members and parents assembled at Purdue University to participate in a variety of educational workshops and seminars. A special thanks to Purdue University staff as well as our speakers that made this an outstanding event. Be sure to join us for next year's NJSA Boot Camp.

Stay Informed

To access a complete list of all NSR and NJSA shows & events, click on the
shows & events link. Best of luck to all of our breeders and junior exhibitors and plan ahead to join us this summer in Des Moines and Louisville!