Whiteshire Hamroc, Biotronics, Inc. team up for genetic improvement

Whiteshire Hamroc, home to the largest U.S. registered purebred swine herd, recently invested in the technology and services of Biotronics, Inc., a company that provides ultrasound solutions for the genetic improvement of meat animals.

Whiteshire Hamroc has been using ultrasound for measurement of carcass traits in live animals since the early 1990s. Backfat depth and loin muscle area measurements are used in calculation of EPDs through NSR’s nightly STAGES genetic evaluation.

“The Biotronics, Inc. image and data collection technology will save our technicians time during the off test procedure,” says Mark Brubaker, Whiteshire Hamroc geneticist. Instead of entering individual animal information into a handheld unit, personnel will use a notebook computer equipped with the BioSoft Toolbox® II software program. In the past, scan technicians had used a track ball on the ultrasound console for measuring backfat depth and loin muscle area on site. The resulting values were then keyed into the handheld unit. Now, through a USB frame grabber, the loin cross sectional image will be saved in the BioSoft Toolbox® II program, along with the other animal information.

Soon thereafter, the images will be sent electronically to the Biotronics, Inc. laboratory in Ames, Iowa, for analysis. Image processing for Whiteshire Hamroc, estimated at 200 animals per week, will be carried out by the Swine Ultrasound Specialist at Biotronics, Inc., Kyle Schulte. Results will be available to Whiteshire Hamroc on the following business day. “We are excited about the accuracy advantages that centralized image processing will provide for us,” says Brubaker. “We are a multi-site system with up to three different ultrasound technicians, so statistically, it makes sense.” Schulte, who recently visited Whiteshire Hamroc to introduce the new technology to the company’s technicians, will continue providing image quality feedback.

For more information on Whiteshire Hamroc, visit www.whiteshirehamroc.com, and to learn more about Biotronics, Inc., go to www.biotronics-inc.com.

From Biotronics, Inc.

2011 NSR National Picture Judging Contest results

Each year, the National Swine Registry sponsors the National Picture Judging Contest. It is open to youth and adult participants, and includes divisions for 4-H, FFA and collegiate teams. The contest ran in the November/December 2010 issue of Seedstock EDGE and on the NSR website with entries due Feb. 1.

To download the contest classes and photos and read the official reasons, click here.

Here are the 2011 official results.

FFA Team Division (50 Teams)
2,000 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 1,827
Fullerton FFA #3 • Fullerton, Neb.
Nolan Hoffman, Alyssa Hambleton, Ellie Lesiak, Kelly Steenson

2nd Place • Total Score: 1,800
Texhoma FFA Fighting Wombats • Texhoma, Okla.
Nick James, Sydni Yates, Sierra Burleson, Ryan Dahl
3rd Place • Total Score: 1,767
Fullerton FFA #5 • Fullerton, Neb.
Jolene Shotoski, Tyson Cunningham, Ethan Lesiak, Kurtis Knopp

4th Place • Total Score: 1,755
Holcomb FFA Team B • Holcomb, Kan.
Jeff Eckert, Jesus Maeias, Brice Elliott, Tucker Peterson
5th Place • Total Score: 1,749
Sterling FFA #6 • Sterling, Okla.
Jarrett Davis, Heath Curry, Jacob Quickle, Carli Carmon

4-H Team Division (16 Teams)2,000 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 1,892
Marion County 4-H #1 • Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Adrian Austin, Kane Austin, Brad Braddock, Caleb Staples
2nd Place • Total Score: 1,804
Henry Stark Team 2 • Galva, Ill.
Adam Gradert, Lucas Wisnefski, Sydney Wisnefski, Jon Walker
3rd Place • Total Score: 1,789
Henry Stark Team 1 • Galva, Ill.
Tyler Gradert, Elizabeth Heaton, Sawyer Shattuck, Kalie Rumbold
4th Place • Total Score: 1,761
River Oaks 4-H • Lowell, Wis.
Brandon Justmann, Jacob Justmann, Morgan Justmann, Christopher Justmann
5th Place • Total Score: 1,646
Redwood Valley/Calpella Team D • Redwood Valley, Calif.
Tyler Ault, Kyle Rogers, Nick Satterwhite, Charlie Lucchesi

College Team Division (15 Teams)2,500 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 2,314
Black Hawk East #6 • Galva, Ill.
Chance Willard, Ty Webster, Willie Weis, Andrew Stockdale, Kaleiah Gasperi
2nd Place • Total Score: 2,309
Black Hawk East #4 • Galva, Ill.
Tyler Stutsman, Sam Mattingly, Jacee May, Tyler Rumbolt, Matt Morrison
3rd Place • Total Score: 2,308
Illinois Central College Blue • East Peoria, Ill.
Ashley Westall, Joe Fecht, David Eberley, Dalton Lorenzen, Joe Cochran
4th Place • Total Score: 2,291
Lake Land College #4 • Mattoon, Ill.
Kurt Berg, Jordan Rauch, Justin Schaal, James Schinbeckler, Carly Wesuer
5th Place • Total Score: 2,287
Illinois Central College Gold • East Peoria, Ill.
Amara Danner, Blaine Evans, Max Kocher, Jay Streitmatter, Travis Terhaar

Adult Individual Division (110 Contestants)500 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 477
Kevin Wetovick • Fullerton, Neb.

2nd Place • Total Score: 472
Ty D. Keener • Churubusco, Ind.

3rd Place • Total Score: 471
Jon DeClerck • Ames, Iowa

4th Place • Total Score: 471
Larry Flint • Turpin, Okla.

5th Place • Total Score: 470
Merle Nickelson • Guymon, Okla.

College Individual Division (121 Contestants)500 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 472
Dalton Lorenzen • East Peoria, Ill.

2nd Place • Total Score: 470
Joe Cochran • East Peoria, Ill.

3rd Place • Total Score: 470
Blaine Evans • East Peoria, Ill.

4th Place • Total Score: 470
Kaleiah Gasperi • Galva, Ill.

5th Place • Total Score: 470
Jon Heaton • Galva, Ill.

Junior Individual Division (392 Contestants)500 Points Possible

1st Place • Total Score: 483
Brad Braddock • Mt. Vernon, Ill.

2nd Place • Total Score: 472
Caleb Staples • Mt. Vernon, Ill.

3rd Place • Total Score: 471
Kane Austin • Mt. Vernon, Ill.

4th Place • Total Score: 470
Tyler Gradert • Galva, Ill.

5th Place • Total Score: 469
Tylor McGehee • Mt. Vernon, Ill.

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