Seedstock EDGE takes home Most Improved Publication, other awards at AMS

Seedstock EDGE has seen some changes over the past two years. This year it was recognized for its recent facelift with the Most Improved Publication award by the Livestock Publications Council at the recent Agricultural Media Summit.

Building on a strong foundation of past editors and a history of true journalism, while maintaining a steadfast dedication to the pedigreed swine industry, Seedstock EDGE received the award for its redesign at the joint meeting of the American Agricultural Editors’ Association, the Livestock Publications Council and the American Business Media Agri-Council. Held July 23-27 in New Orleans, approximately 600 people attended this event, and publications from many organizations competed in the annual Critique and Contest.

In addition to Most Improved Publication (which compared magazine issues from 2010 compared to 2009), Seedstock EDGE won the following awards:

Item Description
2nd Place
Association Website
NSR website - created by Steve Weintraut 
Honorable Mention
Logo Design
National Youth Leadership Conference “Walking in Memphis” logo - designed by Steve Weintraut
Honorable Mention
Livestock Advertiser Campaign
Buyers Choice Auction ad campaign - designed by Steve Weintraut
2nd Place
Miscellaneous Writing
“Steeped in tradition” (NAILE story) – written by Rachel Stine
2nd Place
“Dusty boxes and memories” – written by Tamara Choat
1st Place
News Story
“Made in China. Registered in the U.S.A.” – written by Tamara Choat
2nd Place
Human Interest/Feature
“Going once … going twice” (Butch Young) – written by Rachel Stine
1st Place
Marketing Article
“The Marketing Files” – written by Tamara Choat
Honorable Mention
Special Issue (100 p. or less)
GeneLink 2010
Honorable Mention
Association Publication General Excellence
Seedstock EDGE

America’s Best Genetics launches Philippine consulting agreement

National Swine Registry partners with Cavite Pig City to deliver swine, genetic support

Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing helps prepare a partial charter of swine for shipment to the Philippines.
The shipment of 645 breeding animals arrived on July 10, 2011.
(l to r) Dr. Justin Fix, National Swine Registry genetic programs specialist; Jefferson Ngo, general manager of Cavite Pig City; and Bobby Badilla, Philippines importing agent.
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The National Swine Registry (NSR) announces the securement of a partnership between America's Best Genetics - the umbrella organization that represents U.S. breeders who raise purebred swine with a commercial focus and specialize in international exports, and Cavite Pig City near Manila, Philippines. The partnership includes delivery of 645 head of purebred Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire breeding boars and gilts that arrived July 10 in Cavite, as well as a two-year America's Best Genetics consulting agreement with geneticists of the National Swine Registry.

The partnership is notable as it is the largest single shipment of swine into the Philippines in the last 10 years, according to the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Philippines. Additionally, it initiates a formal consulting agreement with an international firm from America's Best Genetics.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us to build a long-term working relationship with Cavite Pig City, to not only supply them with nucleus genetics from the world's most highly-regarded purebred breeders, but to also assist them in implementing the entire America's Best Genetics breeding program from the ground up," says Dr. Clint Schwab, NSR director of genetic and technical services and interim CEO.

America's Best Genetics geneticists will work with Cavite Pig City owners and employees to develop genetic and management standard operating procedures, which includes data recording, off-test procedures, sire and replacement female selection and mating allocations. Schwab, along with NSR Genetic Programs Specialist Dr. Justin Fix, have both visited Cavite Pig City within the past year to tour the facilities and discuss future goals of the partnership. They plan to return to initiate formal consultation in August.

Export manager Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing in Jefferson City, Mo., who arranged logistics of the partial charter of swine that shipped out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport, says the agreement is a tremendous accomplishment for all parties involved.

"A transaction of this size takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the part of many players - especially when dealing with biosecurity issues and working to protect the newly-gained foot and mouth disease-free status of the Philippines," says Clayton.

In-country arrangements to the 8,000 plus-sow Cavite Pig City unit were made by Philippine importer Bobby Badilla of Carmel Import/Export Corporation in Paranaque City, Philippines. Other parties involved in the process include Ten Fold Customs Brokerage and Transport Corp.; the Philippines Bureau of Animal Industry under the direction of Efren Nuestro; and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service in Manila, including Agricultural Counselor Philip Shull and staff.

For more information on America's Best Genetics, contact Schwab or Fix at 765.463.3594, or visit the National Swine Registry website at


About America’s Best Genetics
America’s Best Genetics is the National Swine Registry’s umbrella organization for the most progressive purebred swine breeders with a commercial focus. More than 15 firms representing purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds of hogs are active in exporting swine to foreign countries around the world to provide improved genetic opportunities and export trade for U.S. purebred swine breeders.

Cargill launches Showmaster® Bling® Plus show pig supplement

From Cargill Showmaster® Feeds

MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill has launched a new supplement to help show pigs grow to their full potential. Showmaster® Bling® Plus medicated nutritional supplement supports increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness for finishing swine.

The supplement is added to show pigs’ feeding programs 30 to 60 days before showing. Just two ounces of Bling® Plus supplement each day delivers benefits equivalent to a full nine grams per ton of ractopamine, which supports muscle development. The supplement also includes amino acids, microbials, B vitamins and fat sources to promote appetite and optimal bloom, muscle shape, skin and hair.

“The new Bling® Plus supplement takes our original Bling® formula to the next level to help show pigs perform their best,” said Paul Mann, show feeds marketing manager with Cargill Animal Nutrition. “In addition to supporting bloom and appearance, it also contains added biotin and organic zinc to support foot health.”

Bling® Plus supplement is part of the Showmaster® complete line of advanced nutrition products for show pigs. The line includes formulas for every stage, from pre-starter feed to finisher feed, as well as products for gilts and breeders, and a range of supplements. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit

GUEST BLOG: World Pork Expo reaches new heights for junior show

Originally posted on Iowa State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences website
Reposted with permission from Carly Martin

By Carly Martin

Breaking records
The World Pork Expo, held June 7-10 at the Iowa State Fair grounds in Des Moines, holds the largest junior-pedigreed barrow and gilt show in the world. This year, there was a record high of 1,750 pigs shown. Contestants can start participating as young as 3 and can continue until 21.
The National Junior Swine Association (NJSA), along with Team Purebred, hosted this year's show. NJSA provides an opportunity for youth to get involved in purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, and Landrace breeds of swine. Team Purebred supports youth interested in Berkshire, Chester Ehite, Poland China, and spotted swine.
I've been a member of NJSA for many years. I have had the privilege to not only take part in many shows, but also meet and network with many people.
I grew up on a purebred swine seedstock farm in Marion, Iowa. We raise corn and soybeans and also have a 75 head sow operation consisting of selling show pigs and breeding stock.
I started showing pigs when I was four years old and have continued ever since. My most memorable moments have always been the time spent with family and friends, not what placing I received or what my score was.
From water fights to hide-n-seek in the barn or sitting around playing card games, those are the moments I remember most. Of course, I always looked forward to showing my pigs, too. Programs like the NJSA are really beneficial to the livestock industry. They help encourage youth through leadership programs while building life-long friendships along the way.
NJSA members from 26 states made the trip to Des Moines to compete against the top competition in the nation. From Maryland to California, you will find youth who have traveled many hours to participate.
Before the Show
Preparation is key. From my personal experience over the past 15 years, showing pigs has evolved in many ways. A successful athlete doesn't just show up on the day of the race and expect to win. Countless hours are spent training and perfecting their every move. It's the same for a swine show. Hard work and dedication is critical when it comes to preparing. Hogs must be walked each day to train them how to behave and to condition them to the walking required.
It's all about standing out. Both men and women wear bright colors to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Anything that will help the judge remember you will provide an edge. It's typical to see a guy sporting a pink or purple shirt, while girls will dress up their outfit with some "bling" belts and jewelry. I have found that people who wear distinct designs or brightly colored shirts tend to stand out the most.
The Events
The barrow show kicked off on Wednesday of the World Pork Expo followed by the gilt show on Thursday. Each consisted of classes of crossbred hogs, as well as purebreds. By the end of each day, a champion and reserve hog was selected for both crossbreds and purebreds.
Showmanship is one of the most popular events at NJSA shows. Contestants are judged on their ability to show their animal and share their knowledge about the swine industry.
Watching and participating in showmanship has always been one of my favorites. It's interesting to see the different styles and techniques people use from across the country. In the youngest two classes, novice and junior, it amazes me to see kids that are very talented showmen at such a young age. And for parents that start their kids showing around age 3 or 4, it even more entertaining. Typically, they will lose their pig in the ring a good number of times, try to borrow someone else's or even wave to their family and friends watching from afar.
The final event was the judging contest on Friday morning. Contestants judge as individuals and/or on a team of four. Four pigs enter a ring at a time. Each pig is designated with a 1,2,3 or 4 chalk mark on their backs. The contestants are given a scorecard and 10 minutes to evaluate the class and rank them from first to last.
At the end of the day, awards were presented to the top 10 individuals in each age group, as well as the top 10 judging teams.
Good CharacterDeppy
As I approach my last two years of eligibility for NJSA, I have realized the importance of handling myself with good character. When I first started showing, I always looked up to the older showmen, watching their every move so that I could be like them someday. It is so important to always set a good example at these shows because you never know who may be looking up to you.
A long-time friend of mine, Jenny Deppy, an ISU alum, approached me with her second-grade daughter at the show. The daughter said she'd been told to watch me when I show. With her notebook in one hand and a camera in the other, you could see in her eyes how eager she was to talk to me. I joked with her and Jenny that they might be taking notes on "what not to do" after watching me show.
I have gained so much from this organization. NJSA has allowed me to take part in hands-on leadership and it has also taught teamwork, responsibility, integrity and has helped develop and shape me into the person I am today.

Chinese delegation visits NSR, discusses purebred swine trade

A delegation of Chinese public officials, industry directors and Congressional representatives from Chongqing city, a Chinese municipality, visited the National Swine Registry office on July 12 to meet with NSR officials and present their plans for a purebred swine operation as a component of a planned industrial park. 

The Chinese delegation, which included the director and vice director of a planned urban National Animal Husbandry Park, the director of Chongqing Congress, the director of foreign cooperation for Chongqing, and two city mayors presented their plans for development of a large commercial swine unit as part of a government-planned food-animal production system. The commercial system will be based on the genetic inputs from a joint-venture nucleus with Whiteshire-Hamroc of Indiana, and operate as an ABG member of the NSR.

The group questioned NSR staff on production practices in the U.S., disease control, and the use of America's Best Genetics, the umbrella organization for purebred-based commercial swine.

NSR interim CEO Dr. Clint Schwab says, "The opportunity to visit with Chinese authorities interested in obtaining U.S. purebreds through our America's Best Genetics program is a great opportunity, especially in light of the Chinese border recently opening to U.S. exports of live swine. We look forward to working with this group to establish a quality U.S. purebred herd in Chongqing city."

A delegation from Chongqing city, China, spent time visiting the NSR office before continuing tours of purebred operations throughout Indiana.
NSR agent Li Qiang (r), who is based out of Beijing, served as the official tour guide and translator for the Chinese delegation. NSR interim CEO Dr. Clint Schwab is pictured on the left.

2010-2011 NJSA All-Around Sweepstakes results

NJSA All-Around Sweepstakes Winners

1.  Lizzie Schafer, Owaneco, Ill.
2.  Riley Wendt, Irwin, Ohio
3.  Allison Stoner, Taneytown, Md.
4.  Ethan Wendt, Irwin, Ohio
5.  Nalaney Guyer, Robinson, Ill.
6.  Chasten McConn, West Alexander, Pa.
7.  Gavin Biery, Rawson, Ohio

  1. Maddie Fugate, Mohomet, Ill.
  2. Eric Schafer, Owaneco, Ill.
  3. Adrian Austin, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
  4. Megan Mench, Shirley, Ind.
  5. Madison Cook , Newark, Del.
  6. Peyton Winiger, Waveland, Ind.
  7. Keri Landry, Jeanerette, La.
  8. Hallie Landry, Jeanerette, La.
  9. Auburn Harvey, Straughn, Ind.
  10. Ashtin Guyer, Robinson, Ill.

  1. Natalie Hofschulte, Wyandotte, Okla.
  2. Mindy Cook , Newark, Del.
  3. Taylor Conley, NewEnterprise, Pa.
  4. Garrett Lowes, Uniondale, Ind.
  5. Allison George, Eclectic, Ala.
  6. Kane Austin, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
  7. Morgan Mench, Shirley, Ind.
  8. Austin Stoner, Taneytown, Md.
  9. Maddi Butler, Vincinnes, Ind.
  10. Christine Todd, Danvers, Ill.

  1. Katherine McCormick, Smithsburg, Md.
  2. Heather Storer, Hillsboro, Ohio
  3. Konni Kelso, Seguin, Texas
  4. Caitlin Walton, Wyoming, Del.

NJSA All Around Sweepstakes

Its that time again! Time to sign up for the NJSA All-Around Sweepstakes Circuit. The first show of the season is the NJSA Southwest Regional, September 2-4 in Chickasha, Oklahoma.
New this year to the All-Around Sweepstakes -purebred barrows will be worth the same in points as gilts. In the past showing a purebred barrow would earn you an additional 5 points. This year a barrow is worth the same, however you only gets points for one and not both. As an example if you show a Yorkshire gilt and place 2nd and also show a Duroc barrow and place 1st you will be rewarded 100 points for the barrow and 90 for the gilt but only the points from the barrow will count. We will take the points from your highest placing animal, the same as in the past when the points from your highest placing gilt were used.
Also remember that you must be signed up and paid in full before the show begins in order for the points to count. You can sign up at any time before the show. Please go to to download your entry form and mail it to the NSR at 2639 Yeager Road West Lafayette, IN 47906.
2011's winners received $100 towards a pair of boots and a leather and wool coat for winning. The second place winners received $100 towards a pair of boots and a Flip Video camera, and third received $100 towards a pair of boots. Don't miss out on great prizes and competition, sign up for the NJSA All-Around Sweepstakes Circuit.

Honor Show Chow reports successful Show Feed VIP event

ST. LOUIS – Honor® Show Chow® show feeds welcomed 258 agriculture teachers, 4-H leaders, educational instructors, influential breeders and prospective customers June 13-15 to its ninth annual Show Feed VIP. Visitors traveled from 23 states to discuss the nutritional demands of today’s show animals, view live demonstrations and meet Honor® Show Chow® Ambassadors. LongView Animal Nutrition Center, Land O’Lakes Purina Feeds’ renowned nutritional research facility in Gray Summit, Mo., hosted the event.

“We wanted to bring in the leaders of today’s youth to share our commitment to research and how we can positively impact show animal projects,” said Dave Martise, marketing manager for the Honor® Show Chow® brand. “This was our best event to-date, thanks to the attendees, our ambassadors and technical nutritionists!”

The two-day workshop consisted of show cattle, show pig and show lamb presentations from nutritionists Dr. Kevin Burgoon and Dr. Steven Myers, exclusive demonstrations on new product development and product quality from research teams, as well as clipping, fitting and showmanship workshops from Honor® Show Chow® Ambassadors. Topics included: Cattle Clipping and Fitting by Kirk Stierwalt; Management and Showmanship by Bob May and Dave Allan; Lamb Selection, Management and Showmanship by Mark Johnson and Taw Wayne Dunham; Show Goat Demonstration by Mike Harbour and Jim Missildine; Pig Selection and Showmanship by Kent Bennington and Bryan Vaughan.

The event included presentations at LongView’s Beef Cattle VIP Barn, Swine Unit and the Large Animal Metabolism Unit (rumen research). Guests were also treated to door prizes from event sponsors including Weaver Leather, Tasco, Sullivan Supply and Andis Clippers. All attendees were provided with two instructional DVDs on show pigs and show lambs and information on the Purina 60 Day Challenge.

Honor® Show Chow® will host another VIP event in June of 2012.

Press release courtesy of Land O'Lakes Purina Feeds

Darrell Anderson tribute from NJSS

Sara Sell Memorial Scholarship, due Sept. 1

Sara Sell Memorial Scholarship

Sara Sell grew up in Southwest Iowa, raising hogs farrow-to-finish with her family. She showed hogs and sheep from the time she was 5-years-old. Sara had a strong passion not only for showing livestock, but also for helping others learn about their potential in the agricultural community. She enjoyed putting on showmanship clinics, and helping younger members learn to clip their lambs and better their projects. Sara spent the summer of 2010 at home, working with her hogs and traveling all over Nebraska and Iowa competing in the Showmaster Junior Show Circuit. In addition to her passion for livestock, Sara was also studying nursing and hoped to work in pediatrics someday. In high school and college, Sara was also very involved in athletics and loved playing basketball and soccer.

The Sara Sell Memorial Scholarship is being provided by her family as a way to recognize Iowa and Nebraska youth who have a passion for the livestock show industry and remain involved in their communities in a variety of aspects.

Applicant must be an incoming freshman, sophomore or junior at either an Iowa or Nebraska community college or university. Applicant must have a strong background in raising and exhibiting sheep or hogs, have a desire to remain involved in the livestock industry, and have an interest in athletics and community service.

Scholarship Amount: $500

Deadline: September 1, 2011

Scholarship will be awarded at the AkSarBen Livestock Show in September 2011.

To Apply:
Applicant must submit two letters of reference. One letter should be written by a non-family member who has knowledge of the applicant's involvement in the livestock industry, and the second letter should be written by an athletic coach or community member who has knowledge of applicant's involvement in community service or athletic activities.

Shari Sell-Bakker, 515.291.1956, or
Samantha Sell Winter, 806.543.4146,

Send completed application form and letters of reference to:
Shari Sell-Bakker
15394 V Avenue
Dike, IA 50624

Educational Institution to attend/already attending: 
Year in school: 
Field of Study: 
Livestock activities: 
Favorite memory of growing up showing livestock: 
Non-livestock activities: 
Career goals: 
Tell us a little about yourself: 

*Attach other sheets as necessary

2011 STC Yorkshire Boar & Gilt Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Yorkshire Boar & Gilt Sale
Auctioneer: Dan Baker, Ind.
22 boars • Average $4,443 • Total $97,750
52 gilts • Average $1,276 • Total $66,375
Yorkshire Sale Total = $164,125
For full sale results, visit

Premier Sire
WEW9 The Grizz 38-8
Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio, and Nelson Bros., S.D.

Reserve Premier Sire
SDH9 Buffalo 8-4
Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio

Andrew and Michelle Russian, Ind., exhibited the Champion Boar. It was purchased by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio, for $36,000.

Macy Zachary owned the Champion Gilt. Joe Coyne, Ill., purchased the winning female for $3,000.

2011 NJSA Foundation Female sale results

Waldo Farms of DeWitt, Neb., donated two gilts to the National Junior Swine Association Foundation Female program this year. 

The first NJSA Foundation Female to sell, lot 226-6, was purchased by Lockman Genetics, Kan. for $2,300. 

The other NJSA Foundation Female, lot 225-6, went to David Snider & Family, Ind., at the price of $1,400.

Thank you to Waldo Farms, for your generous donation, to the Butcher family of Indiana for housing the gilts for the past several weeks, and to Showmaster feeds for supplying feed for these gilts. Thank you also to the buyers, for your purchase.

2011 STC Landrace Gilt Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Landrace Gilt Sale
Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Ohio
4 gilts • Average $513 • Total $2,050
Duroc Sale Total = $2,050
For full sale results, visit

Kathryn Pierce, Ind., owned the top-selling Landrace gilt. The female was purchased by Kindsey Pierce, Ind., for $850.

2011 STC Hampshire Boar & Gilt Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Hampshire Boar & Gilt Sale
Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Ohio
22 boars • Average $5,357 • Total $117,850
39 gilts • Average $1,930 • Total $75,300
Duroc Sale Total = $193,150
For full sale results, visit

Premier Sire
JLM9 TCG Augusta 18-1
Owned by Top Cut Genetics, Ind., and Jerry McLemore, Okla.

Reserve Premier Sire
MVLS0 Long Time Coming
Owned by Hi Point Genetics, Ill.
Taylor and Alyssa Sobasky, Ind., sold their Champion Boar to Shaffer's Gold Rush, Ind., for $35,000.
Austin Joostberns, Mich., drove the Champion Junior Gilt. His female was purchased by Heimer Hampshires, Mo., for $9,500.

Chloe O'Neal, Ind., exhibited lot 865-1, which was named both the Champion Open and Reserve Junior Champion Gilt. Gentry Genetics, Ind., purchased her winning entry for $11,500.

Allison Snider, Ind., owned the high-selling gilt. It was purchased by David Snider and Family, Ind., for $13,500, after being named Reserve Champion Open Gilt, and 5th Overall Junior Gilt.

$100,000 Champion Duroc Boar sells at the 2011 STC

2011 STC Duroc Boar & Gilt Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Duroc Boar & Gilt Sale
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis, Ind.
14 boars • Average $11,450 • Total $160,300
26 gilts • Average $1,771 • Total $46,050
Duroc Sale Total = $206,350
For full sale results, visit

Premier Sire
NBD Premonition 28-2
Owned by Purple Power, Ind., and Nelson Bros., S.D.

Reserve Premier Sire
OAB8 PSSS Buck Cherry 1-1
Owned by Prairie State Semen, Inc., Ill.

Mappes Durocs, Okla., sells their Champion Duroc Boar for $100,000. It was sold to Lean Value Sires, Ohio.

Chloe O'Neal, Ind., sells her Overall Champion Gilt for $15,750. This gilt was sold to Steve Harvey, Ind.

2011 STC Crossbred Boar Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Crossbred Boar Sale
Auctioneer: Dan Baker, Ind.
21 boars • Average $3,450 • Total $72,450
For full sale results, visit

Goff Select Swine Genetics, Ind., sells their Champion Crossbred Boar for $12,000. It went to Lean Value Sires, Ohio.

2011 NJSS Raffle winners and top sales

2011 NJSS Raffle winners and top sales

Top-Selling NJSA Members
1. Drew Tucker, Ga.
2. Ashton Thompson, Okla.
3. J.T. Tucker, Ga.

Raffle Prize Winners
1. One-year lease on Exiss bumper-pull trailer
Scott Fleming
2. Rustic metal table lamp
Kim Brock
3. Miniature corn hole set
Mandy Wajens
4. Hilton Garden Inn hotel package (2012 NJSS)
Jean Arambel
5. Jewelry package
Erin Cleary
6. Hampshire & showman painting
Drew Tucker
7. WW-Paul Scales hog scales
Kevin Wendt
8. Cajun Bling package
J.R. Fecke
9. Leather portfolio
Annie Domingues
10. Crowne Plaza hotel package (2012 NJSS)
Jim McCoy

2011 NJSS Sweepstakes results

2011 NJSS Sweepstakes

Novice Division
1. Nalaney Guyer, Robinson, Ill.
2. Makenzie O’Neal, Wilkinson, Ind.
3. Chloe O’Neal, Wilkinson, Ind.
4. Brody Nemecek, Iola, Kan.
5. Lizzie Schafer, Owaneco, Ill.
6. Riley Wendt, Irwin, Ohio
7. Olivia Caldwell, Elmwood, Ill.
8. Ashtyn Harvey, Straughn, Ind.
9. Allison Stoner, Taneytown, Md.
10. Bailey Taylor, Uniondale, Ind.

Junior Division
1. Cailyn Hines, Quincy, Mich.
2. Adrian Austin, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
3. Lea Kimley, South Charleston, Ohio
4. Robby Sheets, Columbia City, Ind.
5. Payton Hines, Quincy, Mich.
6. Gracie Flaspohler, Batesville, Ind.
7. Tyler Hannon, Rensselaer, Ind.
8. Jaxon Parmley, Greencastle, Ind.
9. Brandon Stickler, Pleasant Plains, Ill.
10. Skylar Knapp, Greenfield, Ind.

Intermediate Division
1. Amy Loschen, Kempton, Ill.
2. Natalie Hofschulte, Wyandotte, Okla.
3. Kane Austin, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
4. Maddison Caldwell, Elmwood, Ill.
5. Jackson Johnson, Poneto, Ind.
6. Trey Fecke, Bonfield, Ill.
7. Austin Joostberns, Dorr, Mich.
8. Taylor Conley, New Enterprise, Pa.
9. Abby Taylor, Uniondale, Ind.
10. Garret Lowes, Anderson, Ind.

Senior Division
1. Tegan Simmons, Tipton, Ind.
2. Nathan Joostberns, Dorr, Mich.
3. David Ammann, Highland, Ill.
4. Ryan Riddle, Marysville, Ohio
5. Brennen North, Wolcottville, Ind.
6. Emily Arkfeld, Dunbar, Neb.
7. Sarah Hardman, Cooksville, Ill.
8. Chris Hofschulte, Wyandotte, Okla.
9. Bruce Frederick, Zelienople, Pa.
10. Tyler Loschen, Kempton, Ill.