America’s Best Genetics launches Philippine consulting agreement

National Swine Registry partners with Cavite Pig City to deliver swine, genetic support

Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing helps prepare a partial charter of swine for shipment to the Philippines.
The shipment of 645 breeding animals arrived on July 10, 2011.
(l to r) Dr. Justin Fix, National Swine Registry genetic programs specialist; Jefferson Ngo, general manager of Cavite Pig City; and Bobby Badilla, Philippines importing agent.
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The National Swine Registry (NSR) announces the securement of a partnership between America's Best Genetics - the umbrella organization that represents U.S. breeders who raise purebred swine with a commercial focus and specialize in international exports, and Cavite Pig City near Manila, Philippines. The partnership includes delivery of 645 head of purebred Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire breeding boars and gilts that arrived July 10 in Cavite, as well as a two-year America's Best Genetics consulting agreement with geneticists of the National Swine Registry.

The partnership is notable as it is the largest single shipment of swine into the Philippines in the last 10 years, according to the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Philippines. Additionally, it initiates a formal consulting agreement with an international firm from America's Best Genetics.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us to build a long-term working relationship with Cavite Pig City, to not only supply them with nucleus genetics from the world's most highly-regarded purebred breeders, but to also assist them in implementing the entire America's Best Genetics breeding program from the ground up," says Dr. Clint Schwab, NSR director of genetic and technical services and interim CEO.

America's Best Genetics geneticists will work with Cavite Pig City owners and employees to develop genetic and management standard operating procedures, which includes data recording, off-test procedures, sire and replacement female selection and mating allocations. Schwab, along with NSR Genetic Programs Specialist Dr. Justin Fix, have both visited Cavite Pig City within the past year to tour the facilities and discuss future goals of the partnership. They plan to return to initiate formal consultation in August.

Export manager Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing in Jefferson City, Mo., who arranged logistics of the partial charter of swine that shipped out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport, says the agreement is a tremendous accomplishment for all parties involved.

"A transaction of this size takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the part of many players - especially when dealing with biosecurity issues and working to protect the newly-gained foot and mouth disease-free status of the Philippines," says Clayton.

In-country arrangements to the 8,000 plus-sow Cavite Pig City unit were made by Philippine importer Bobby Badilla of Carmel Import/Export Corporation in Paranaque City, Philippines. Other parties involved in the process include Ten Fold Customs Brokerage and Transport Corp.; the Philippines Bureau of Animal Industry under the direction of Efren Nuestro; and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service in Manila, including Agricultural Counselor Philip Shull and staff.

For more information on America's Best Genetics, contact Schwab or Fix at 765.463.3594, or visit the National Swine Registry website at


About America’s Best Genetics
America’s Best Genetics is the National Swine Registry’s umbrella organization for the most progressive purebred swine breeders with a commercial focus. More than 15 firms representing purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds of hogs are active in exporting swine to foreign countries around the world to provide improved genetic opportunities and export trade for U.S. purebred swine breeders.

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