2011 STC Duroc Boar & Gilt Sale results

2011 Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky.
June 28-July 2

Duroc Boar & Gilt Sale
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis, Ind.
14 boars • Average $11,450 • Total $160,300
26 gilts • Average $1,771 • Total $46,050
Duroc Sale Total = $206,350
For full sale results, visit www.nationalswine.com.

Premier Sire
NBD Premonition 28-2
Owned by Purple Power, Ind., and Nelson Bros., S.D.

Reserve Premier Sire
OAB8 PSSS Buck Cherry 1-1
Owned by Prairie State Semen, Inc., Ill.

Mappes Durocs, Okla., sells their Champion Duroc Boar for $100,000. It was sold to Lean Value Sires, Ohio.

Chloe O'Neal, Ind., sells her Overall Champion Gilt for $15,750. This gilt was sold to Steve Harvey, Ind.

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