Cargill launches Showmaster® Bling® Plus show pig supplement

From Cargill Showmaster® Feeds

MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill has launched a new supplement to help show pigs grow to their full potential. Showmaster® Bling® Plus medicated nutritional supplement supports increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness for finishing swine.

The supplement is added to show pigs’ feeding programs 30 to 60 days before showing. Just two ounces of Bling® Plus supplement each day delivers benefits equivalent to a full nine grams per ton of ractopamine, which supports muscle development. The supplement also includes amino acids, microbials, B vitamins and fat sources to promote appetite and optimal bloom, muscle shape, skin and hair.

“The new Bling® Plus supplement takes our original Bling® formula to the next level to help show pigs perform their best,” said Paul Mann, show feeds marketing manager with Cargill Animal Nutrition. “In addition to supporting bloom and appearance, it also contains added biotin and organic zinc to support foot health.”

Bling® Plus supplement is part of the Showmaster® complete line of advanced nutrition products for show pigs. The line includes formulas for every stage, from pre-starter feed to finisher feed, as well as products for gilts and breeders, and a range of supplements. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit

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