Chinese delegation visits NSR, discusses purebred swine trade

A delegation of Chinese public officials, industry directors and Congressional representatives from Chongqing city, a Chinese municipality, visited the National Swine Registry office on July 12 to meet with NSR officials and present their plans for a purebred swine operation as a component of a planned industrial park. 

The Chinese delegation, which included the director and vice director of a planned urban National Animal Husbandry Park, the director of Chongqing Congress, the director of foreign cooperation for Chongqing, and two city mayors presented their plans for development of a large commercial swine unit as part of a government-planned food-animal production system. The commercial system will be based on the genetic inputs from a joint-venture nucleus with Whiteshire-Hamroc of Indiana, and operate as an ABG member of the NSR.

The group questioned NSR staff on production practices in the U.S., disease control, and the use of America's Best Genetics, the umbrella organization for purebred-based commercial swine.

NSR interim CEO Dr. Clint Schwab says, "The opportunity to visit with Chinese authorities interested in obtaining U.S. purebreds through our America's Best Genetics program is a great opportunity, especially in light of the Chinese border recently opening to U.S. exports of live swine. We look forward to working with this group to establish a quality U.S. purebred herd in Chongqing city."

A delegation from Chongqing city, China, spent time visiting the NSR office before continuing tours of purebred operations throughout Indiana.
NSR agent Li Qiang (r), who is based out of Beijing, served as the official tour guide and translator for the Chinese delegation. NSR interim CEO Dr. Clint Schwab is pictured on the left.

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