WTC to add crossbred boar and gilt shows

Shane Brinning shows the Champion Crossbred Boar at the 2010 World Pork Expo.
 New to the NSR Winter Type Conference -- crossbred boars and gilts will be allowed to show and sell at the annual event held in Perry, Ga. The date for the 2011 show is Jan. 22.

Other NSR shows, such as the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas, the Summer Type Conference in Louisville, Ky., and the Fall Classic in Duncan, Okla., offer shows for crossbred boars, but not gilts.

“The decision was made by the NSR Executive Committee to add these shows to the WTC in the interest of meeting the needs of NSR members who also raise crossbred boars and gilts,” said NSR Vice President of Operations Mike Paul.

Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of two crossbred boars and three crossbred gilts in the WTC. Entry fees are $100 for each boar and $30 for each gilt. Crossbred boars must provide a documented stress test result to exhibit and to be offered for sale, gilts do not. Similar to purebreds, each hog must be accompanied by two copies of an official interstate health certificate issued by a licensed, accredited veterinarian. A complete description of health requirements and other show regulations are included on the entry form.

Registration for crossbred boars and gilts is on the same entry form as purebred boars and gilts, and available in the October issue of Seedstock EDGE or online at All entries must be postmarked to the NSR office by Dec. 17.

For additional information, or with questions, call Mike Paul at 765.463.3594.

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