NSR builds ties with Ukraine trade mission

Electronic individual sow feeders in a deep-bedded group 
penning system at Dnipro Hybrids farm.
Ukraine was the destination of a recent trade mission conducted by NSR’s Dr. Clint Schwab, interim CEO, and Dr. Justin Fix, genetic programs specialist, on Oct. 2-9. NSR participated in the Ukraine Animal Farming tradeshow, hosting a booth along with partner Dnipro Hybrids, a Ukrainian swine company that has been utilizing purebred American swine genetics for several years.

Fix and Schwab met with representatives from the U.S. embassy in Ukraine to discuss establishment of a live animal protocol, allowing U.S. exports of live swine into the country. They also had valuable discussions with Ukrainian swine businessmen to learn more how to design and create genetic evaluation and service packages for international swine clients.

After the trade show, Fix and Schwab traveled to the VK&K farm, a swine farm that had ordered 500 doses of frozen American purebred semen, where they toured their swine facilities and had discussions about future business partnerships.

Genetic customers of Dnipro Hybrid discussing the functions 
of the electronic sow feeders and group penning system 
with NSR’s Dr. Clint Schwab and Vladimir Getman.
The team also visited Dnipro Hybrids farm to discuss the data extract and transfer process to facilitate the exchange of American sired pigs from Ukrainian swine farms, which will serve as the basis for implementing Ukrainian farms into an international genetic evaluation. They also toured the farm and learned about the genetics, production system and data management software.

Ukraine continues to be a developing market for U.S. swine genetics, and there is tremendous opportunity to create long-term relationships with integrated swine production systems there.
Meat shop operated by the same ownership as 
Dnipro Hybrids farm, and selling product 
from Dnipro Hybrids.

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