Schwab speaks on genetic improvement in Philippines

Dr. Clint Schwab, CEO and director of genetic and technical services 
for the NSR presents on the value of genetic systems
 at a seminar in the Philippines.
Dr. Clint Schwab, interim CEO and director of genetic and technical services for the NSR, visited the Philippines to take part in a seminar on international gene transfer in swine, held Oct. 20 in Manila.

The seminar was the final summarization and review component of a multi-year research project, led by Dr. Robert Knox, swine Extension specialist at the University of Illinois, and funded by the Foreign Ag Service, to study and develop systems to use frozen semen technologies to transport U.S. genetics from the U.S. to the Philippines.

A modern swine breeding unit in the Philippines. 
Schwab presented on the use of genetic resources for improving production efficiency. Joining him on the slate of speakers were Knox, Dr. Sherrie Clark, associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech, Kevin Brooks, author, college lecturer and owner of BK Solutions consulting, and Dr. Wayne Singleton, professor emeritus at Purdue University and owner of a swine reproductive management services consulting company.

 Other talks included overviews on the Philippine and U.S. swine industries, issues for swine health and disease, global health issues and importation, an economic analysis of new genetics in the Philippines, reproductive management for efficient genetic improvement, and technology for use of frozen boar semen.

As a result of the project, frozen semen has been effectively used to implement American purebred genetics into Philippine swine herds. 

The U.S. research group visits Robina Farms.

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