Online NSR Picture Judging Contest opens today

The first-ever online version of the annual National Swine Registry Picture Judging Contest went live today!

Available via the NSR home page, or at NSR Picture Judging Contest, the contest includes ten classes of swine: Hampshire boars, Duroc boars, Yorkshire boars, Landrace boars, Hampshire gilts, Duroc gilts, Yorkshire gilts, Landrace gilts, Landrace barrows, and crossbred barrows. The contest opened today, Dec. 1, and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2011. The print version of the contest is included in the recently-mailed Nov/Dec issue of Seedstock EDGE, and copies of the printed version are also available to download online.

The picture judging contest is a long-held tradition of the National Swine Registry. It has been conducted every year since the NSR officially formed in 1994, and before that, the four breed associations that now compose the NSR held their own individual contests. Mike Paul, NSR vice president of operations, said, "The United Duroc Swine Registry held a contest as far back as the 1950s," with notable industry leaders like Al Christian of Iowa listed as winners.

Today's contest allows individual and team entries. Each individual may enter only one time, either as an individual or on one team (ie, can not enter on both a 4-H and an FFA team). All team entries will automatically be entered as individuals as well. Individual divisions include Junior, Collegiate and Senior. Team divisions include 4-H, FFA, and College.

Teams must consist of the following number of members: 4-H and FFA – four total members (no more, no less); College – five total members (no more, no less). There is no maximum number of teams per school or club, but each team must have a different name.

Classes were selected and will be given official placings and reasons by NSR staff with previous collegiate livestock judging and coaching experience. Official placings, reasons and contest winners will appear online at after April 15, 2011, and in the 2011 April/May issue of Seedstock EDGE. All ties will be broken by the highest score in chronological class order. First- through fifth-place will be named in each division, and plaques will be awarded to the first-place winner of each division.
If you have any questions, call the NSR at 765.463.3594.

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