ShowRite offers 2 Cool to help swine deal with record heat

From ShowRite Hubbard Feeds

(Mankato, MN) -- We are going through a period of record heat indexes across the United States. This is hard on people and livestock; hogs in particular. Keeping your show stock comfortable is a full time job and no matter what we do; sometimes it is not enough.
  • Pigs will stay more hydrated and fuller due to lower body temperature. Muscle is made up of 75% water, so more hydrated = more muscle. Fuller bodied is in; so more body and shape equals better show ring presence.
  • Pigs will stay cooler – cooler means fresher. Cooler pigs show better and have a better chance of winning the drive and can go longer into the drive.
  • Cooler hogs will consume more feed; more feed more gain. This is invaluable when pushing for a show.

Showpig breeders have a larger concern than the show ring. Getting sows bred in this heat is a problem. Keeping boar semen alive in over-heated sows is a problem. Keeping sows on feed in lactation is the key to holding body condition and as we all know, the more a sow eats in lactation, the more milk she will produce for her litter. Also, sows that eat more in lactation breed back faster and higher conception rates are achieved. With semen costs being high, getting sows is bred a great concern.

Getting a competitive advantage in the ring means the difference between the banner and the sidelines. Lowering body temperature of your show hogs gives the exhibitor a decided advantage in several ways:

Heat stress in boar studs is a major concern also. Lowered body temperature can mean the difference between live and dead semen and lowered body temperature in boars will increase the amount of quality, live semen.

ShowRite has developed a product to address these concerns and this product is called 2 Cool. The main ingredient in 2 Cool is Tasco which lowers body temperature; but 2 Cool also has added probiotics for feed digestion and electrolytes which will keep your animals hydrated. 2 Cool is to be fed at the rate of 2 oz. per head per day. The cost of 2 Cool is less than $.30 per head per day.

2 Cool is available through any Hubbard Feeds or ShowRite dealer. Click here for additional information.

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