Paying It Forward With Pigs

During the first week of March, while many of us were in Belton for Southwest Type Conference, several communities in South-Central Indiana were hit by large tornadoes, causing widespread damage and injuries throughout Clark County. Many families in the path of this storm were left with their homes damaged or completely destroyed.

Feeling compelled to help those affected by the tornadoes, the Shaffer family of Albany, Ind. decided to donate 1% of the proceeds from their 2012 Shaffer’s Goldrush Customer Appreciation Pig Sale to help a family from the Clark County area, who lost their home.

“My mom’s house was hit and destroyed by a tornado when she was little, so she’s always been able to relate to tornado victims,” Aimee (Shaffer) Inskeep shares. “We just wanted to be able to do something to help this family.”  

Breeders from across the country brought their weanling pigs, all sired by boars from Shaffer’s Gold Rush, to the sift and sale that took place in Richmond, Ind. on March 10th. There were 204 pigs at the event, sifted by Kade Hummel. Kevin Wendt was on the auction block, and successfully sold all 155 head selected for the sale. The percentage of the proceeds donated from the sale totaled $632. Pete's Duck Inn, a small restaurant located in Albany, ran the concessions stand at the event and also donated $100 of their profits. Another $100 was donated by Lloyd Arthur of Greenfiled, Ind., for a total donation of $832.

“We wanted the money to go to a family to help them get back on their feet,” Aimee says. “The money could be used for anything from buying groceries, to getting gas, or putting it toward bills and home repairs.”

One of the great things about this industry is the heart and compassion of those involved, like the Shaffer family. This is something we, as people and producers, can be proud of. Congratulations to the Shaffers on a successful sale, and for paying it forward to those in need. 

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