Tangrenshen Group representatives tour the NSR office

Representatives from Tangrenshen (TRS) and Whiteshire Hamroc  visited the National Swine Registry (NSR) office in West Lafayette, Ind., on Friday, Aug. 9. Scott Lawrence, Whiteshire Hamroc executive vice president; Jason Feng, Beijing Whiteshire joint venture production service manager; Mr. Sun, TRS financial department member; and Mr. Zhou and Mr. Yang, TRS feed sales representatives visited with NSR CEO Mike Paul and Vice President of Global Technical Service Dr. Doug Newcom about the National Swine Registry, America’s Best Genetic and the performance testing behind NSR performance records, EPDs and economically-relevant indexes.

 Tangrenshen is one of China’s most progressive agricultural companies. Throughout the last quarter of a century, the company has become the sixth largest feed processor in China and the eleventh largest meat processor.  TRS market meat through their network of convenience stores and own more than 35 feed mills in 17 different provinces and several meat-processing plants. 

Tangrenshen’s goal is to become a completely integrated pork system from the farm to the consumer.  One of the first steps to reach this goal is to advance swine genetics so the Meishen Whiteshire breeding stock farm in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China, was populated. It has been in production since the fall of 2008.  It was the first foreign swine farm to receive U.S. pedigrees and registrations from NSR, and was recognized as one of China’s top Nucleus Farms in 2011.

Tangrenshen and Whiteshire Hamroc have further strengthened their partnership in the last several months. First, they are adding a second Meishen Whiteshire breeding stock farm. Currently, they are finishing construction in Hebei Province, China, and the site is expected to be populated with elite breeding animals from Whiteshire Hamroc’s U.S. nucleus farms in October 2013. Second, the companies signed a joint venture agreement to build a 1,200 sow technology center in Kimmell, Ind. Construction is set to begin on the Meishen Whiteshire International Swine Breeding Company LLC’s USA technology center in Spring 2014.

Whiteshire Hamroc looks forward to many more years of cooperation with TRS Group to continue to improve swine and agriculture management practices around the world.

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