America's Best Genetics feature in International Pig Topics

America's Best Genetics (ABG), a division of the National Swine Registry (NSR), was featured in International Pig Topics magazine's "Breeder Review."

The write-up highlighted both ABG and NSR's commitment to being the source for pure genetic progress. Through the ABG program, purebred breeders combine their experience from years of raising breeding stock with modern technical advances to continue to make genetic progress in the Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds that can improve commercial producers' bottom lines. 

In order to best serve the commercial swine industry, ABG members continue to emphasize the production of seedstock with documented quality and predictability with programs like the Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System (STAGES™). 

Developed by the NSR to facilitate genetic improvement, STAGES™ calculates the most economically significant traits and predicts the genetic value of each pig. Through accurate data collection and reporting, a database of nearly two million performance records has been compiled for numerous economically relevant traits, and with state-of-the-art technology, EPDs and indexes are updated each evening. These predictions of genetic merit, coupled with a DNA-verified pedigree structure, help purebred operations find ways to make hogs better and more profitable, and help ABG members market their genetics to more than 40 countries.

To learn more about ABG pick up the latest International Pig Topics magazine (Vol. 28, No. 6) and flip to page 19, or contact Doug Newcom, Vice President of Global Technical Service, at

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