A Letter to Our Exhibitors

Recently, there have been many questions in regards to swine health concerns and how this may impact shows and events hosted by National Swine Registry (NSR), the American Berkshire Association (ABA), Certified Pedigreed Swine (CPS), the National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) and Team Purebred. In particular, the presence of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) has generated speculation of cancelling events hosted by purebred swine associations.

The swine industry consists of multiple production segments, including the purebred swine and showpig industries. We understand the importance of continuing to offer avenues for our members to market seedstock through NSR, ABA and CPS-hosted shows and sales. It is also vital to provide youth with opportunities to gain positive experiences through NJSA and Team Purebred-hosted swine shows. As a result, the swine breed associations will continue to offer scheduled events, as planned, with the cooperation of our participants.

In order to continue to provide opportunities for sales and exhibitions, it is important that breeders, exhibitors and swine industry leaders work together to uphold biosecurity guidelines and follow health regulations that are in place. Take ownership in educating yourself on biosecurity and swine health guidelines with accurate information provided by credible sources. If hosting sales or delivering purchased pigs, be sure to obtain proper health certificates that meet all specified state requirements. Many states have different health requirements for livestock transport and entry.

The associations have continued to keep open lines of communication with state and show veterinarians and officials that assist with the coordination of our scheduled events for 2014. We continue to seek guidance in developing health protocols for shows and sales in order to ensure the best biosecurity protocols are in place. Participants in events are encouraged to continually monitor our organizations’ website for updates on health requirements.

It is the responsibility of breeders and exhibitors, of all ages, to be conscious of monitoring swine health before, during and after shows and sales. The National Pork Board has developed many excellent resources on biosecurity for exhibitors and show managers. Below are links to articles that have been developed with exhibitors and show managers in mind.

We appreciate your willingness to cooperate with exhibition and transportation guidelines in order to help protect the swine industry. As history has proven before, when the swine industry has been challenged with adversity, its passionate people have collaborated to persevere.
Resources from the National Pork Board
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