2010 Hog College representatives announced

The National Swine Registry has completed the search for the 2010 Hog College® representatives, and has announced the following breeders will display ideal type boars and gilts at the National Barrow Show®, to be held Sept. 12-15 in Austin, Minn. The National Barrow Show is sponsored by the National Association of Swine Records.

Hog College Boars:
Duroc: Huinker Durocs, Decorah, Iowa
Hampshire: Jim & Mike McCoy, Bloomingburg, Ohio
Landrace: Mills Girls, Clinton, Ill.
Yorkshire: Hilman Schroeder, Sauk City, Wis.

Hog College Gilts:
Duroc: JJ Genetics (Guy Jackson & Mike Johnson), Warren, Ind.
Hampshire: Kilmer Swine Farm, Monticello, Ind.
Landrace: McGrew Showpigs, Good Hope, Ill.
Yorkshire: Scott Garlisch, Forest City, Ill.

The Hog College is a long-standing tradition of the National Barrow Show, now in its 64th year. A boar and gilt are selected to represent the ideal type for each of the four NSR breeds, as well as Berkshires and each of the Certified Pedigreed Swine breeds – Chester White, Spot, and Poland China. Originally, the ideals were selected from boar test stations across the U.S., as determined to be the best in their breed, and representing the traits most desired for selection in that breed at the time.

“Having one of your breeding stock selected for the Hog College has long been a very prestigious honor,” said Darrell Anderson, NSR CEO. “Everyone who comes to the National Barrow Show goes to the Hog College row first to see these selected ideal types.”

The representative hogs are penned in a special area, and are paraded before the start of their respective breed shows, but do not compete. They sell at the front of their breed sale along with the other animals.

The 2010 Hog College animals will soon be pictured and available for pre-sale bidding for several weeks prior to the National Barrow Show on BuyersChoiceAuction.com, the online auction partnership of the NSR. For more information, visit www.nationalswine.com, or call the NSR at 765.463.3594.

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