NAILE Barnyard Olympics action

Saturday evening marked the 2010 NAILE Barnyard Olympics, co-hosted by the NJSA and Team Purebred, in the swine showring. Fourteen teams, each with five members, competed in four separate events with a final grand champion race at the end of the event.

The evening started off with the egg race where team Foshizzle edged out their competition for the win. The second event challenged the exhibitors' flexibility as they passed a toilet paper roll over their shoulders and through their legs without breaking the paper. The Whizzy Dizzies took the win in this division. The third event was the feed sack race, where competitors had to hop to the finish line in a feed sack. Team Foshizzle pulled out another "W," edging them ahead of their competition in the race for the champion drive. The final event was the egg toss, a messy finish to the competition but all the teams made valiant efforts to toss their eggs the farthest. Hoosier Delight captured the egg toss victory thus winning the chance to compete in the grand champion drive.

The event came down to one final race to determine the champion 2010 NAILE Barnyard Olympics. All that stood between them and the top prize was the dizzy bat race -- where Hoosier Delight captured the grand prize.

The NJSA and Team Purebred would like to thank all the teams that competed and their families for all the support in making this an awesome event.

Competitors of all ages enjoyed the egg race.
The toilet paper race nearly wiped out a couple of teams.
Competition was spinning as the dizzy bat contest determined the final victor.
Hoosier Delight came out on top to claim prizes -- and bragging rights as 2010 Barnyard Olympics champions.

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