NJSA board of director applications due March 1

2010-2011 NJSA Board of Directors
Are you interested in leading the National Junior Swine Association in 2011-2013? If so, consider running for the NJSA board of directors. Applications are available online at www.nationalswine.com and due March 1.

The primary responsibility of the National Junior Swine Association board members is to serve the NJSA in local, regional and national activities in a way that will educate, motivate and inspire current and potential NJSA members, swine breeders, parents and others. NJSA directors should be servant leaders, open-minded, considerate, good communicators and ethical. NJSA directors receive many benefits and a great opportunity to represent the NSR at a national level. However, they also have a responsibility to be a positive influence on all NJSA members. NJSA directors have the opportunity to gain as much as they contribute.

A term on the NJSA board is a two-year commitment. Directors are expected to attend all meetings unless excused by the Director of Junior Activities. All NJSA directors serve as specific members of a team that require extra time throughout the year. Each NJSA director is invited to write articles for the NJSA newsletter, The Pinnacle. NJSA directors are reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses incurred when attending meetings and shows at which time they are designated official NJSA responsibilities (the exception is the National Junior Summer Spectacular where all NJSA Board members and NSR Board members must pay for their own travel and food expenses). If a NJSA director is assigned to work an event, he or she must give first priority to all NJSA duties. As an NJSA director, one can expect expenses for qualifying meals and communication expenses.

NJSA directors are invited to compete in the National Junior Summer Spectacular and regional shows when they are serving the first year of their term as a director. However, because of the important role NJSA directors play in carrying out shows and events, directors are not allowed to compete in the NJSS and regional shows during the second year of their term.

For more information, and to learn more about becoming an NJSA director, visit www.nationalswine.com, or contact Sarah Schwab at 765.463.3594 or sarah@nationalswine.com.


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