NJSA Ag Careers Panel at NYLC

This is the second installment of our weekly leadership conference update. Another great piece of news came from the NJSA and Cargill partnership yesterday as well. Andy Rash, marketing manager for the pet and wildlife division of Cargill, will be joining us on the Ag Careers panel during our breakout sessions. We are excited to have Andy on board as he has been such a great supporter of the NJSA through his swine experience and judging.

Joining Andy on the Ag Careers panel is Nicole Boettger. You may remember her from the National Pork Board, but Nicole is back in Minnesota now working for the Farmer, Lumpe, and McClelland Agency helping communicate to grain farmers the the value of animal ag, welcome Nicole!

Along with Nicole and Andy, we have invited Bryn Poliska, the Pork Checkoff Producer Outreach Marketing Manager. I am sure that many of you have met Bryn at an NJSA event. Rounding out our Ag Career panel is Wes Jamison Ph.D, our keynote speaker for the weekend. Wes is currently the Associate Professor of Communication at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. Wes specializes in political communication and public relations relating to food, agriculture, and science politics, as well as corporate communications.

Thank you again Cargill for your support of our leadership conference, we are looking forward to an amazing weekend!

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