NJSA leadership conference schedule update

We will be blogging a short series of updates about the NJSA National Youth Leadership Conference to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 29 through May 1. This update is to announce Hormel Foods Corporation's sponsorship of our leadership conference on Friday. They have a very exciting agenda planned for us that you won't want to miss out on, including lunch in the Hormel Foods Sales Cabin! We have the opportunity to participate in four sessions before visiting the SPAM Museum (http://www.spam.com/). Here is a brief description of the four sessions:
Session #1
“Pork Carcass, Primals and Fresh Pork Value Added Products”
A demonstration of fresh pork primals and products along with information about hog processing, pork fabrication and boning methods.

Session #2
“Hog Procurement/Pork Processing By-Products”
An overview of Hormel Foods hog procurement programs and a description/demonstration of by-products generated through rendering and associated operations.

Session #3
“Hormel Foods Corporation Overview”
A recap of Hormel Foods Corporation and its subsidiaries including information on career opportunities.

Session #4
“Tour of the Research & Development Facility”
A walk-through of the building with a brief description of the work underway in the various laboratories and kitchens.
Don't miss this awesome chance to interact with your peers and Hormel Foods Corporation! Stay tuned for more information week to week about the events that you can be a part of at the 2011 NJSA National Youth Leadership Conference! Thank you Hormel Foods for you sponsorship, we look forward to an amazing trip!

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