Meet the Interns - Taylor Fritsch

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Fritsch, and I’m pleased to introduce myself as National Swine Registry’s Marketing & Communications Intern for 2012. It’s such an honor – and such a pleasure – to be serving the members of the NSR. I’m very excited to jump right into the mix for the M&C division this summer assisting with writing, design, social media, photography and so much more.

My journey in agriculture didn’t begin with swine. As a proud Badger from the state of Wisconsin, my family is involved in the industry that makes up almost half of our state’s agriculture – dairy. Growing up I was active with my family’s 70-cow, 600-acre operation, feeding my fair share of baby calves and helping out in whatever way I could. When I became old enough to show, I was pretty excited about breaking a dairy heifer to take to the fair. When my dad also bought me a couple feeder pigs, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

If you had told me back then that I would develop such a passion for pigs, I might have told you that you were crazy. But eleven years later, that’s exactly what has happened. By my freshman year of high school, show pigs had won me over – so much so that we quit showing dairy altogether.

Although our focus is the dairy operation, my family is no stranger to swine production and livestock. They operated a 90-sow commercial herd until I was about four, at which point the operation was liquidated in favor of the dairy and grain aspects of our farm. Showing has been our way of staying connected with the swine industry, and over the years, those pigs have taught my sister, Bailey, and me a lot. Showing at the Wisconsin State Fair, our local county fair and other Wisconsin circuit shows, we’ve both been fortunate to have moderate success in the ring. But more importantly, we’ve learned a lot along the way – both about pigs and about life.  

Without a doubt, my involvement with swine, 4-H and FFA has helped chart my course for the future. Next fall, I will start my junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying agricultural economics and life sciences communication. I have a strong interest in consumer outreach and public perception of agriculture, and I hope to eventually work in a role that allows me to tell agriculture’s story and address the challenges that face our industry.

I look forward to communicating and working with many of you over the course of the summer, whether it be in-person, through one of our NSR blogs or in the pages of Seedstock EDGE. If you see me at one of our shows or sales, be sure to say hello and pose for a photo. Have a great summer and best of luck in the show ring and on your operations!


  1. Congrats Taylor! This internship is an amazing opportunity! You will gain so much from it! I can say that most of my communcations/journalism experience and confidence in the field came from all of the opportunities that were provided by this internship. You will most definitely enjoy your summer. The people at the NSR are great! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much Libby! I'm told I have big shoes to fill...can't wait for a great summer!

  2. Taylor, I'm so excited you are on board at the NSR! It was an honor to get to interview you, and I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to work with you. However, you have a great team there, and I know you will have a fabulous summer. Best of luck to you!

    Tamara Choat