NSR Philippines Trade Mission

Pictured (l-r): Perfecto Corpuz, Pia Ang and Bill Verzani, all from the USDA/FAS Manila office, Justin Fix of the National Swine Registry and Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc.

The National Swine Registry recently completed a Philippines trade mission, participating in the 21st Hog Convention and Trade Exhibit in Cebu City, Philippines, with an America's Best Genetics (ABG) booth. During the show, members of the USDA/FAS Manila office traveled to Cebu City to participate in several of the event’s activities. The group stopped by the ABG booth to visit with Dr. Justin Fix about the Philippines market (group pictured above). Thanks to all who stopped by the ABG booth!

Just prior to travelling to Cebu City for the tradeshow, Mr. Tony Clayton of Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc., Mr. Bobby Badilla, Carmel Import/Export Corporation, and Dr. Justin Fix traveled to Cavite Pig City, located in General Trias, Philippines. During the visit, the trade team viewed some of the first litters farrowed as part of the Genetic Service Partnership between U.S. purebred breeders, the National Swine Registry and Cavite Pig City. Read more about this genetic partnership and consulting agreement here. Litter 7 (pictured below) was farrowed on March 26th with 13 born alive with 12 pigs weaned.

Litter 7 was farrowed by a gilt purchased from Waldo Farms, WFDM1 30-11 Ms Starburst, and sired by a boar purchased from Cedar Ridge Farms, 1CR1 Pikkus 722-5.

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