Pedigree Portal: Exhibiting a Bred-and-Owned Gilt

As many of you are aware, NJSA shows offer Bred-and-Owned awards for gilts as a special way to recognize junior exhibitors who are raising and showing their own pigs. For those of you headed to the NSR Summer Spectacular, this is a great opportunity and I thought I would go through the rules so you can make sure to be considered for this award if you raised your own hogs.

To be eligible for Bred-and-Owned awards, the exhibitor must declare that his or her pig is Bred-and-Owned when going through the pedigree portion of check in. The exhibitor must be shown as both the breeder and the current owner on the gilt’s registration paper. The name of the breeder or the current owner is not allowed to be in a family or farm name that includes a partner over 21 years of age. If there is more than one name listed on the pedigree, both exhibitors must be NJSA members from the same family.  Also, when the dam of the Bred-and-Owned gilt was bred, the exhibitor must have been her owner.

If you have a gilt that fits the qualifications above, you can compete for the Bred-and-Owned awards. The Champion and Reserve Champion Bred-and-Owned gilts will be selected by the judge during the gilt show, and then DNA tested after the show to verify correct parentage and stress negative status.

I hope this helps you as you head to Louisville in a couple weeks. If you have questions, please feel free to contact an NSR or NJSA representative.

I hope to see you at the Summer Spectacular!

Whitney Hosier

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