Pedigree Portal: NSR Membership Opportunities

Members of the National Swine Registry can take advantage of several benefits, including a one year subscription to the Seedstock Edge magazine, discounted litter rates and voting privileges within in the organization. To become a member of the NSR, you can simply fill out a membership application. The first year for NSR membership is $85 per breed. To maintain membership after the first year, it is $75 each year. 

As a member of NSR, you can record your litters at a much cheaper rate than non-members. As a member, if you record your litter within 90 days of the farrowing date, the cost of the litter is $15. If the litter is older than 90 days, the cost is $30.

You are also welcome to record as a non-member.
 The cost for a non-member to record within 90 days of the litter’s farrowing date is $30.  If a non-member is recording after the pigs are 90 days old, the cost is $60.

If you are younger than 21, you are eligible for Junior membership, which is free to set up.
 Junior members receive the same discounted litter rates as NSR members.

Please keep in mind, membership runs by the calendar year and it is breed specific.
 For example, if you are a Hampshire member, and you record a Duroc litter, you will not get the discounted litter rates for the Duroc litter.

If you have any questions, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
I hope you all are getting through this hot summer and are having a great show season!

Whitney Hosier

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