Stock Marketing: Picture Perfect

You've heard it a million times that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in June's Stock Marketing, we learned how a good picture helped the Kaufman’s land their Hillbilly Bone son at Prairie State Semen,Inc.  Now, we’re going to talk about how to get that perfect picture.
  • Get your subject to 12 o clock - Whether you’re selling pigs online or vying for buyers attention in print advertisements, a picture can make or break a sale. Have your pigs dialed in before you take a picture. Make sure your pigs are clean, in shape and accustomed to the surface you will attempt to pose them on.
  • But don’t shoot at noon - While ‘high noon’ may have been preferred time for fictional Wild West shootouts, it’s far from the ideal time to shoot livestock pictures. The bright, direct sunlight throws harsh highlights and shadows, which oftentimes don’t accentuate the features we would like. It’s also much more challenging to snap pictures of white pigs in this light. Oftentimes, it makes them so light many details can be lost in the picture. Morning and afternoon light is much less direct and harsh, and overcast days provide the best soft lighting.
  • Just a little background - Although the pig is the star of your photo, please remember to do a quick background check. Make sure there is nothing that could detract the viewer's eye from your animal. An open, grassy area makes a great background. Another common mistake is to take a picture of a light animal in front of a light background or a dark animal in front of a dark background.
  • Get low - Snap your shot at the pig’s level. Shooting down on or up at an animal can distort their appearance. Generally speaking, shooting down on an animal will make it appear smaller – something most of us will agree isn't desirable.
  • Take your time - Taking pictures of livestock isn't easy. It can, at times, be very frustrating trying to capture the perfect pose for that 'money shot.' So plan ahead, and allow plenty of time for the process. Don’t rush, and if something doesn't go quite as planned, take a deep breath and try again.
Now, it’s time to start snapping great shots! As with anything, practice makes perfect so get out there and have fun taking photos. Remember to send all of your pictures and ad information to the NSR Marketing and Communications Department by Aug. 21 to save your spot in our September Showpig Issue of the Seedstock EDGE.

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