NSR Updates and Deadlines for Gilt Ownership

I'd first like to thank everyone for making this year's Fall Classic a tremendous success. A great set of weanling and breeding hogs were well received by a huge crowd. Hats off to the breeders and buyers that make this such a great atmosphere each year. Also, a special thanks to the Empire FFA Chapter, Iowa State University Swine Interest Group, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Dr. Mike Tripp and of course Mike, Donna, Lyndol and the Stephens County Fair Staff for their hard work towards this event.

I also wanted to drop a quick reminder to those exhibiting pedigreed barrows and gilts through the winter and spring months of 2013. Many of these pedigreed events have ownership deadlines in the very near future. The ownership deadline for gilts exhibiting at the Junior Breeding Gilt Shows in San Antonio and Houston  is December 1, 2012. All gilts must be recorded and transferred by December 1st for both of these events.

Be sure to have all of your information done in advance to avoid potential issues. Best of luck to all those that purchased pigs at this year's Fall Classic. On behalf of everyone at the National Swine Registry, have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to enjoy your time with family and friends!

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