Stock Marketing: Just Your Type

Everyone is guilty of it – skimming ads for pictures. But have you ever noticed an ad because of a clever headline? Chances are, if you did, you read it in its entirety. Wouldn’t it be nice if your ads could pack such a punch that they would stop readers in their tracks? With these quick headline writing tricks, your ad can have “stopping power.”

  •  Name a benefit – Bigger litters. Bigger profits.

  •  Tell them how sorry they’ll be if they don’t use your genetics, product or service – “I wonder what the champion drive is like,” said someone who didn’t buy from ACME Showpigs.

  • Make like Snapple, and throw out some facts – Over the last decade, we’ve farrowed more than 500 litters, and this is our best one yet.

  • Call-out to your target audience – No place is as nerve-wracking as ringside – buy your kids the best.

  • Make it newsworthy – At last, we found the boar we spent years looking for.

  • Command their attention – Find your seat at the ACME Showpig Sale.

  • Ask a question – Who will be the first person you call when you grab the banner?

  • Write, then repeat – Champion at WPX. Champion at NSS. Champion at NBS. Sensing a pattern?

  • Play with words – Big belted girls make my rockin’ world go round.

  • Metaphors, similes and analogies – oh my – Think of us as a stock market worth investing in.

I hope these examples inspire you to have a little fun writing your next headline. A simple sentence could determine the direction of your ad, and help create a concept that will cause readers to take notice. 

If you’re not feeling creative, the Seedstock EDGE staff will be happy to help you come up with a great headline – all you have to do is ask. 

For those who are itching to publish your Fall Classic success, remember Seedstock EDGE ad copy is due Nov. 29.  As always, give the friendly folks of the Marketing & Communications Department a call to help with your marketing needs.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
- Katie

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