Adwell and Hodson recognized at the 2011 National Barrow Show

Harold Hodson was inducted into the NATIONAL BARROW SHOW® Hall of Fame.
Hodson has contributed his talents in many different arenas at the NBS®, starting in 1960, as high individual in the judging contest.

While serving as the judging coach at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Hodson coached two winning teams, in ’76 and ’78. In 1972, Hodson initiated the first “pilgrimage” and started the tradition that continues today where teams practice at different farms in route to the NBS®. His ability to evaluate livestock was recognized by his peers. Hodson has served on the truckload committee and has stepped into the ring to evaluate several breeds at the NBS®. His contributions to the judging contest will long be remembered, from serving as a member of the selection to committee and as the referee official to providing critique for judges in the 4-H/FFA division along with providing awards for top individuals for many years.

The NATIONAL BARROW SHOW® and the National Association of Swine Records are honored to present Harold Hodson with the 2011 Hall of Fame Award.
Jerry Adwell was presented the Distinguished Service Award at the 2011 NATIONAL BARROW SHOW®

It is an honor for the NBS®, the National Association of Swine Records and the past and present NBS® exhibitors and participants to recognize Adwell and express their gratitude for his years of service and dedication to the event.

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