National Swine Registry offers four internships, apps. due Dec. 1

2011 NSR interns Scott Dean, Kan., Libby Williams, Colo., Rebecca Keel, Wis., and Cassie Holloway, Md.
National Swine Registry Internships

NSR Marketing & Communications Intern
A fabulous opportunity to spend the summer working in the purebred swine industry while learning new skills and expanding your marketing and communications portfolio!

This is a tailor-made internship – you help make it what you want it to be! As the NSR Marketing & Communications Intern, you will have the opportunity to work with NSR staff to personally design your internship curriculum and focus on the areas of marketing and communications in which you are most interested, or want to gain experience. Options* for a summer work plan include feature writing for Seedstock EDGE, advertisement design and page layout, magazine production, online content development, photography, video editing, promotional campaign design, and more! You will have the chance to collaborate on projects with the National Junior Swine Association, report on national shows, and brainstorm and develop new ideas for growing and promoting the NSR. *Several projects such as show reports and feature stories are required for all interns.

For full description and application instructions, visit:
Contact: Tamara Choat, Director of Marketing & Communications,

National Junior Swine Association Intern
Do you love the purebred swine industry? Have a passion for working with youth? Enjoy facilitating programs and planning events? Then the National Junior Swine Association Internship is meant for you!

The NJSA Internship will provide experience in planning and executing shows and leadership events for the nation’s largest youth livestock organization. You will have the opportunity to assist NJSA staff with planning the World Pork Expo Junior National and the organization’s pinnacle event – the National Junior Summer Spectacular, as well as help lead the NJSA board of directors, write Youth Spotlight highlights, take photos and video, facilitate web updates, and write articles for the e-Pinnacle newsletter. This internship provides experience in event planning, communications, youth leadership, and livestock show production.

For full description and application instructions, visit:
Contact: Cally Hass, Director of Junior Activities,

NSR Field Staff Internship
A terrific opportunity to learn about purebred swine breeding operations and pedigreed show facilitation while you develop contacts within the swine industry!

The NSR Field Staff Internship provides on-the-road experience traveling with full-time NSR Field Representatives, and opportunities to both learn from and contribute to field activities. Responsibilities include visiting purebred swine farms and A.I. boar studs; assisting at NSR-sponsored events including the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, and the Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Ky.; assisting at state fairs; and other field staff duties as assigned.

For full description and application instructions, visit:
Contact: Mike Paul, Vice President of Operations,

NSR Pedigree Internship
If you are interested in the purebred registration process and recording of swine pedigrees, this is your chance to get hands-on experience behind the scenes at the NSR.

The NSR Pedigree Department Internship offers the opportunity to participate in and learn to register litters, process show entries, search and deliver pedigrees, provide customer service, and complete various data handling processes associated with a purebred livestock records system. This internship will also provide exposure to DNA testing and coding and STAGES™ data entry, as well as attendance and assistance with data entry and recordkeeping at NSR shows.

For full description and application instructions, visit:
Contact: Robin Lucas, Administrative Assistant,

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