2010 NBS Hog College sale results

2010 NBS® Hog College sale results

Hog College® Hampshire Boar
(HARK9 Outrage 1-4 x GBJG4 Get Serious 36-3)
Bred by Jim & Mike McCoy, Ohio
Sold for $1,050 to Roll Farms, Ohio

Hog College® Hampshire Gilt
(HARK9 Outrage 1-4 x EC7 Outshine 46-2)
Bred by H&H Hampshires, Ohio
Sold for $4,100 to Bart Ward, Ohio

Hog College® Duroc Boar
(DTF8 Buckshot 2-2 x HD5 Mr. Sound 57-9)
Bred by Huinker Durocs, Iowa
Sold for $2,000 to Krieger Brothers, Minn.

Hog College® Duroc Gilt
(ESSP9 Gods Gift 11-1 x NBD4 Ox 67-4)
Bred by Mike Johnson & Guy Jackson, Ind.
Sold for $2,800 to Dan Burzlaff, Iowa

Hog College® Landrace Boar
(WLHP6 PSSS General Lee 3-1 x LYUD5 Monopoly 1-5)
Bred by Anna, Erica, Sarah & Leah Mills, Ill.
Sold for $1,300 to Shaffer’s Gold Rush, Ind.

Hog College® Landrace Gilt
(JMG8 PSSS Zeus 40-8 x JMG7 Green Top General 34-7)
Bred by McGrew Showpigs, Ill.
Sold for $950 to Daniel Gunderson, Minn.

Hog College® Yorkshire Boar
(HSO9 Confidence 4-10 x HSO7 Animal House 21-7)
Bred by Hilman B. Schroeder, Wis.
Sold for for $5,250 to Steve Schmeichel, S.D.

Hog College® Yorkshire Gilt
(BG8 TCG Full Dimension 20-10 x FROE6 Bruiser 1-1)
Bred by Scott Garlisch, Ill.
Sold for $1,800 to Neuvirth/Goette, Minn.

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