NSR plans move to new office building

New NSR office building

New site in West Lafayette will meet needs of growing organization

The National Swine Registry is excited to announce it will be moving to a new office building the third weekend of October. Located only two miles away, and still in the northwest corner of West Lafayette, the new building is an 8,000-square-foot modern, spacious and attractive facility that will meet the needs of the growing NSR staff and programs.

“Our current building, in addition to having maintenance problems, is no longer big enough to meet the needs of the expanding NSR staff,” said NSR CEO Darrell Anderson. “Our small break room is also the board room, storage room and copy room, and as of June, the office for our newest employee.”

The current NSR office building was built by the American Shetland Pony Club in 1956. It was then purchased by the American Yorkshire Club, then under the leadership of Glenn Conatser, which moved into it in December 1975.

When Anderson started as CEO of the AYC in 1987, there were nine employees of the organization. 1994 brought the merger of the Hampshire Swine Registry and the United Duroc Swine Registry with the AYC to form the NSR, and in 1998, the American Landrace Association joined. Since the merger and addition of new programs, including the National Junior Swine Association, the department of Genetics and Technical Services and new shows and services, staff has increased to a current 14 plus three field representatives, in addition to two employees of the American Berkshire Association, which leases space in the 5,000-square-foot building as well.

The AYC still owns the current building, and has leased it to the NSR since its formation. The AYC is also the purchaser of the new building, which they closed on in May. Although the current building has not sold, its site outside of town on the busy U.S. Highway 52 makes it an attractive location, and it has been considered by banks, restaurants and other drive-through businesses.

“On behalf of the entire staff of the NSR, I would like to express appreciation to the American Yorkshire Club board members for their decision to purchase the new office building, and their continued support of the staff and our work,” said Anderson. “We look forward to getting moved and settled in, and welcoming everyone to our new office.”

The new physical address of the National Swine Registry will be 2639 Yeager Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906. The mailing address will stay the same at P.O. Box 2417, the phone will remain 765.463.3594, and the fax will continue at 765.497.2959.

Although the NSR phone and fax will remain available, all business functions, including pedigree orders and immediate access to email, will be temporarily unavailable during the moving days on Wednesday, Oct. 13 through Friday, Oct. 15.

Above and below are several of the offices in the new building -- prior to the old tenents moving out.
Watch for upcoming photos once the NSR makes it our own!


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