NSR's Mike Paul attends open house for Ruben & Irene Edwards

"Cut from the same cloth."
NSR's Mike Paul presented Hampshire hats to the gathering of many recognized and influential Hampshire breeders at the Open House for breeders Ruben and Irene Edwards of Middletown, Mo.
Hampshire breeders across the country united to honor one of their own last Saturday, Aug. 28, at an open house for Ruben and Irene Edwards of Middletown, Mo.

NSR’s Vice President of Operations, Mike Paul, represented the NSR at the event, and said it was a terrific gathering of more than 50 neighbors, friends, and dedicated Hampshire breeders from around the region and many states including Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.

Paul says, “It’s great that people took time to come and recognize the contributions and influence that Ruben and Miss Irene made, not only on the Hampshire breed, but on the personal lives of those they knew."

The event was organized by Denny Shoup, also a noted swine breeder, of Michigantown, Ind., and hosted by the Don and Mark Peter families in Mendon, Ill.

As Shoup stated in his invitation letter, “This will be a great opportunity to reunite with many people who were part of a “Golden Era” of the purebred hog business ... Ruben bred many of the most influential sires in the breed for decades. He inspired many breeders to help build seedstock that was the envy of other purebreds and established Hampshires as a dominant breed for commercial pork producers."

“Miss Irene,” as she is affectionately known, was unable to attend due to a recent surgery.

Anyone wanting to congratulate the Edwards family can contact them at:

Ruben and Irene Edwards
137 Pine Knot Road
Middletown, MO 63359

Edwards received a plaque of recognition from his comrades in the swine business (l to r): Denny Shoup, Ed Simpson, Edwards, Don Peter, and Jim Foster.
Edwards reflects on his years in the Hampshire business.
Edwards with father and son Jesse (l) and Rodney Heimer.

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